Off The Beaten Path

This falls under the category of things that don’t go together — at least in my mind.

I love fantasies. Whether they are things I just think, pieces of fiction I write or fantasies I read from the minds of others, I love letting the imagination go. I love to see where it takes me. Yes, some of the things in my mind are extreme (I’ll write about “piss canings” some other time – maybe) but for the most part they are an interesting and exciting topographic map of my kinkiness. Maybe I’ve just never noticed before nor cared but I find myself fascinated by fantasies that seem a little bit off. I don’t mean wild flights of craziness that leave the reader stunned but those that have one little quirky thing in them that is a little window into the deepest part of a person’s desires.

This topic comes up because of something I recently read online — I’ve changed it around a bit so it won’t be immediately identifiable. Must avoid plagiarism. I was reading a typical schoolgirl fantasy which touched on all the relevant plot points — detention, office, spanking, etc. Then all of a sudden there’s this throwaway line which is something along the lines of, “…and he uses a velvet wand to shock her bruised ass”. At this point you can cue that screeching tires sound because that’s exactly what it felt like when I was reading it. I’m sitting there looking at the page and saying to myself, “Really? A velvet wand in a school administrator’s office?” It just seemed so out of the ordinary that it snapped me out of the fantasy.

Now I’m not saying that people shouldn’t write or be turned on by whatever they want. In the end, it’s their thing and they are welcome to it. It’s just that I often like my kinky fantasies to fit together well. For example, unless there is a reason for a science fictional element to show up in a story, a death ray suddenly produced from the pocket of a school janitor in a story doesn’t work. To me it’s like an historical inaccuracy in a novel or movie that is so blatant it makes me pay attention to it rather than the whole. It also makes me think more about the author than the story. It’s obvious this person has a thing about velvet wands or that person has a thing about safety pins (rectal thermometers don’t count — that one’s OK).

I’ve read lots of fantasies that are out there. I’ve certainly written my share of them. But I tend to like the “out there” ones more when they are that way from the beginning rather than exhibiting a sudden belch of oddness.


6 Responses to “Off The Beaten Path”

  1. I understand and agree with what you are saying. The big common problem is that the writers are putting things that are out of context too much so, and that ruins the reasonable suspension of disbelief, which would be true no matter what the genre of the writing were to be.

    I love reading your blog!


    • Thank you. I’ve written things that tend to be “out there” as well but I try to keep those to myself. If I’m writing a lesbian BDSM flavored science fiction story (which I have been on and off for decades), I make sure that it’s that way from the beginning.

  2. OMG … a sudden belch of oddness! love it. kind of like the (RL) schoolgirl caning scene i was doing in which the principal suddenly became a horny vampire. i was like, WTF?

    • Yes, I remember you telling me that. It would be kind of jarring to be in the middle of a real life scene and have the person I’m playing with suddenly become a Medieval princess when they were a modern person a second ago.

  3. Random lines that make no sense jar me completely out of a story and are immensely disappointing. I tend to stop reading and move on quickly, because I am already so caught up in the fantasy and when it’s gone, it’s gone. Author’s who write like that should be spanked hard!!! Or not spanked hard…

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