And Then Off The Rails

I was going to post this yesterday but I was still coming off some bad junk I got a hold of. OK, just kidding, I was not coming off of anything just mentally tired from vanilla activities.

It’s fine when things go on a tangent when you’re reading a story, you can just shake your head and put it down. When this happens in real life…

My wife Sandy left this comment yesterday:

…kind of like the (RL) schoolgirl caning scene i was doing in which the principal suddenly became a horny vampire. i was like, WTF?

Then there’s this comment from Marie:

I have to say honestly, I *would* pay someone to spank me. He would have to be very specific to my needs, and very ready, willing, and able to give me the kind of scene I wanted.

What do I consider a real life scene fail? Unless a person wants to spoken to a particular way and says so from the outset, suddenly calling someone “bitch” in a schoolroom scene or a Daddy/daughter scene ruins the mood a bit. “Get on your knees, bitch” just doesn’t fit as something a teacher would say. I have been told stories about scenes that went awry in this way — the Top suddenly transforms into Mr. Sadist Dom for no apparent reason other than the fact that he gets caught up in his own moment. Unfortunately, the other participant has now been jarred out of their moment in an unpleasant way.

Although I’m not specifically writing about paying for scenes, there is a reason people, mostly men, do this. Yes, not being able to find a play partner otherwise is often the reason for paying for sessions. Another reason might be because the needs of the person paying are so specific that they feel the only way to satisfy them is to pay for someone to follow an exact script or set of guidelines. Fantasies and desires can be so specific that straying from them ruins the experience for the person who wants that particular thing to go that particular way. I’d like to think that people can often find someone to fulfill a fantasy in a way that is satisfying but I’m sure that’s not the case all the time.

However, I can imagine there are times when even paying for it doesn’t go as planned. A man might visit a pro Domme thinking he’s going to get the domestic scene that has played out in his head for twenty years and instead has his nutsack transformed into a punching bag. Not a very “motherly” thing to do. Caveat emptor?


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