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Countdown To Shadow Lane

Posted in Article with tags , , , on August 13, 2010 by Radagast

Here it comes, the Party of Parties and the one that started the whole ball rolling. Shadow Lane. As a devout spanko, I know that I’m not alone in feeling that it is a pilgrimage that I am compelled to make.

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Sunday Musing

Posted in Article with tags on July 18, 2010 by Radagast

The  last post was about a specific incident that happened with a specific friend of mine. As usual, I didn’t mention names because I’d rather keep even the rants about the overall scene rather than about a person or group of people. In the comments section, Indy raised the following question about the benefits and pitfalls of openness on the Internet:

I still have to wonder if it’s possible to have the good of the internet without the bad.

Let’s talk about that.

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Drama Free Zone

Posted in Article with tags on June 17, 2010 by Radagast

The FMS Tropical Beach Party and then OTK Night at Paddles — both had something in common. These were events where adults got together and acted like adults with nothing else to detract from the enjoyment. This is what I like.

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The Age Of Enlightenment

Posted in Article with tags , on January 16, 2010 by Radagast

Although I got bitten by the spanking fetish bug early in life, I did not “come out” until the age of 41. I think about this a lot.

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The Happy Recap

Posted in Article with tags , , , on January 10, 2010 by Radagast

For some reason, I’ve been quoting a Michael Jackson song the past few weeks. Although it is probably my favorite song from his career, my quoting of it started out as a joke about the “philosophy” of the song. The line goes:

If you want to make the world a better place/Take a look at yourself and make a change

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Posted in Article with tags , , on January 6, 2010 by Radagast

As some of you have already seen by now, Michael, the owner of Paddles, put up an open letter in various places (the Paddles Yahoo group, Fetlife, etc.) regarding the NYC BDSM scene and the future of Paddles itself. Some thoughts on this after the flip.

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Perfect Beginnings

Posted in Article with tags , on January 1, 2010 by Radagast

A great time was had for New Year’s Eve/Day — a wonderful time filled with friends, food, laughter, Jib Jab and odd conversational twists that often ended up on fecal matters. The latter was probably my fault as I tend to lack any sort of filter or even a shred of human decency. This will not change in 2010 as it would require a complete shift in personality — I’m just too in love with myself to do that to myself.

I try not to be melancholy especially when a new year rolls over but it’s tough not to think of the fact that my family, all those people I spent decades with, are all gone. It’s a sad and lonely thing because it’s different than just being estranged — something I was for a good chunk of my adulthood. Unfortunately, now there is no more time for repairing bridges that are gone. All I have left are memories and I’m satisfied with that — I have to be.

One thing that the past twenty-four hours impressed upon me more than ever is the “family” I have discovered during my time in the scene. I not only have a wife and best friend because of it, I have a large but intimate group of folks in my circle that feel more like family than friends. The stresses of 2009 did a lot to suck the life out of me and cause me to lose sight of that fact. Now that a new year is finally here, I am happy that I was reminded in such a personal way exactly what this community has enriched me with.

Every person that I was fortunate to spent some time with last night and this morning are special people, there’s no two ways about that. I feel privileged to know them and honored that they would include me in their fun. From stressed to blessed — I’ll take it.