About Me

Radagast (Rad for short) is my scene name. I was born and have lived my entire life in NYC although I have seen things beyond the rivers. I came out into the spanking community in late 2004 and have not looked back since. I met the wonderful Sandy – the one time Brooklyn Babe and currently the Radbabe – right at the beginning of 2005 and we were married in December of 2006. A scene success story if there ever was one. I’ve also met and made friends with a lot of great people in the scene over the years. Being involved in the spanking and wider BDSM communities has been a lifechanging experience and something that has done nothing but enhance my life.

My enjoyment of spanking often revolves around the concept of discipline. I could be disciplining someone for a real thing in their lives or just something at the moment. Although I don’t often like bratting, I’ve gotten somewhat tolerant of mild forms of it over the years and see it as a non-asking way to ask for a spanking — that’s why I put up with it. I also love to roleplay and think I’m pretty good at it. Whether it’s playing a dad, uncle, teacher or some other authority figure, I love getting into the headspace of a character and playing a scene for all it’s worth. I enjoy doing a scene seriously and tend not to do things humorously when spanking (which is the opposite of the way I am in real life where I often take little that seriously). I love OTK spankings with the hand and think they are the most authentic and enjoyable kinds to give. However, I am known for having an affinity for leather straps and my leather belt as well as the occasional paddle or cane.

Besides spanking, I’m a big fan of various kinds of music (rock, jazz, classical, et al.) and have loved reading science fiction/fantasy since I was a kid (although I used to read between 50 and 100 books a year, the desire to read books has diminished over the past few years). I don’t have many TV shows that I’m fond of but The Office has become one of my all time favorite sitcoms.

I started this blog as an experiment in writing something on a regular basis and picked a topic I thought I might have something to express an opinion about. I’m glad it has been somewhat of a success and find that I enjoy writing about my thoughts on the spanking scene and my life in it. I didn’t want to make this blog about pictures and such so I refrain from posting any (although you can never say never). I also try not to use this forum as a way to attack specific people but I do use it to voice grievances and peeves that I harbor. Mostly it’s a way to put into words the constant overthinking that I do regarding the spanking scene. I hope you enjoy reading and that you feel open enough to contribute to the sometimes lively discussions that erupt here. I would love to hear your opinions.

The front page has a handy calendar on the right side where you can click through the months and read my past musings on this, that and the other. I’ve been told that you can spend hours pissing your life away doing that. There’s also a page called “Contact me” where you can get to my e-mail address for personal correspondence.

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