This Too Shall Pass

After two and a half years of fun, frolics and other hijinks, I think it’s about time to start winding things down here at Radspace. I still have a few more posts in me to close things out — sort of final chapters in this saga. I believe in wrapping things up with a neat bow. I promise it won’t be as long in coming as a thirty year long Who farewell tour.

This was not a sudden decision but one that has become rather inevitable with the dearth of posts over the past year. One of the things I want to say right from the beginning of this extended good-bye is that it is not due to some kind of scene “burn out”. I love the scene, love the spanking fetish and continue to enjoy most of the things that surround it. No, I compare my time here on Radspace like writing a novel or series of books. I might keep going to fulfill yet one more contractual obligation but eventually the further adventures cheapen the whole by being hack work. It’s much better to write as much as there should be but provide an ending so that the reader walks away somewhat satisfied — that’s what I’m doing over the next group of posts.

Although I’ve spent a good amount of time writing variations on the theme of spanking, it is only recently that I’ve found that I’m repeating myself. You readers have not seen it because those posts were never published due to my dissatisfaction with the product. It’s not that I’ve said everything there is to say about the spanking scene or the fetish nor is it everything that I want to say about it. It’s just that I’ve said everything I’m going to say for the moment (more on that in the next post). However, my recent focus, at least for the past six months, has been politics. Some of you who are my friends on Fetlife have probably noticed that I spend much of my time in the group called “Politics”. I’ve also become a fixture on several sites where I leave lengthy comments and engage in conversation with a community of web activists (i.e. the Netroots) about my liberal/socialist/Democratic interests. I’ve always said that politics is my sports and that’s become very true. There is just too much at stake in these strange and troubled times for me not to be involved. Some of my scene friends may not share my political leanings but like most things in life, I really don’t give a shit.

I’m not retreating from the scene or the fetish because I’ve enjoyed it too much to ever let it go. I’ll still be co-hosting the Paddles OTK Night Munch and going to the club afterwards. I’ll still be going to parties and other events. I’ll still be engaging with people in real life and online — I just won’t be doing it here anymore. I’ve already done so many of the things I’ve wanted to do over the past few years including appearing in spanking videos — something I wanted to do ever since seeing a spanking film loop back in my teenage peep show days. For this bit of enjoyment I’ll forever be thankful to David, Pixie and all the folks at Punished Brats. It was the most fun I’ve had in front of a camera since ever and allowed me the chance to play the role of construction company owning “spanko mobster uncle”.

I didn’t start doing this because I wanted to be “famous” (whatever that means in the spanko world). I just wanted to have a good time and make friends — to be able to walk into a party and have people be happy to see me. For the most part I think I’ve been blessed with that very thing.

Anyway, this long goodbye will continue next time and I guess to the end of the year when I will bid you all adieu. In my next post, I’ll talk about some of the things that have frustrated me about writing Radspace and about being part of the spanking scene.


4 Responses to “This Too Shall Pass”

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog over the past years, Rad. It was timely and snarky and totally enjoyable. I hope to see some of your writing perhaps in other venues. Take care.

  2. markedman2322 Says:

    I too enjoy it. Why don’t you broaden the subject matter? Maybe the scene is too confining to be the only focus. It really is a nice forum, and I hate to see it go.

  3. I’m sad to hear the news, even though I understand your decision (I don’t see myself blogging on for years and years, either). I was a semi-regular lurker here who had a look at the blog every couple of weeks or so to catch up. I always found your writing interesting, particularly as you were (like me) one of the very few male tops with a blog.

    Thank you for everything, and best wishes for the future!

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