You Live and Learn

Now that I’ve licked some of the wounds derived from Election Day (although it could have been worse), I’m finally ready to move on a bit to the alleged subject matter of this blog. I fancy myself a decent enough spanker in one form or another. However, I realize that it is a constant learning process even if I think I know what I am doing.

It has recently come to my attention that I’m shitty at giving warm ups. Even though the concept of a warm up is subjective and differs from person to person, the consensus is that a lot of folks I play with prefer the slow ramping up of intensity especially as the first event of a particular day or evening. Maybe I’ve just been used to playing with people who have been previously warmed up but I did not realize that I was spanking that hard from the beginning. Perhaps my frame of reference is off about what “hard” really is. I suppose it’s like eating a bowl of chili or some other spicy food. One person’s medium might be another person’s hot and another person’s hot might be someone else’s impossible to digest.

I have to think on this for a bit which of course means I have to worry it to death. Am I spanking too hard from the beginning? How come I’ve not noticed this all the time I’ve been playing? Have people just been polite and not said anything about it or has something else changed. Maybe I’m spanking a lot harder than I used to; I don’t think that I am but it might be possible. Maybe warm ups bore me — could that be it. For someone like me who is a hard spanker, the warm up, although painful, might feel like playing pattycake to me. I make no secret about the fact that I like to play hard when I can but maybe what I consider hard is at the level of impossible to digest for a lot of players.

I will definitely have to lose some sleep over this one.


6 Responses to “You Live and Learn”

  1. I’ve always felt you were a hard spanker. I also felt initially I bored you because I was too light of a player. Now I find I can take a lot harder spanking, that sometimes I even crave it. I’ve been told I’m shitty at warm-ups too, but it’s mainly with the hubby. 🙂 I think it’s because I’m too impatient and just want to get down to business. Perhaps it’s the same for you? It might just be a case of being too eager to get to the hard stuff which is more fun for you. Slow it down, relax. It’s not a race.

    It’s an issue I have as well. Especially when I’m spanking someone else. If I’m getting tired as the evening wears, I tend to be less “thorough” shall we say? I just start hitting as hard as I can so I can get through it. Which is kind of a shitty thing to do. You’re not the only one. Perhaps a 12-step spanker’s program?

    • As a person that plays because he wants to enjoy it, I find that adjusting my play style for someone only works when I know what it is they want ahead of time.

      • lol, Oh, so now I don’t know what i want??

        How far ahead do you need to know??

        If you start soft, they can always say you can go harder. 🙂

      • I guess it’s like playing the drums. If it’s all loud there’s nowhere left to go.

      • actually, that’s a pretty brilliant statement.
        With spanking, it is a percussive thing.
        Or like an orgasm, it takes time to build.
        To be fair, if someone wants a warm up, they should tell you. It shouldn’t be a guessing game.
        However, you have been pretty vocal about liking hard play. And I can totally understand now how it can be boring if the person wants to be hit “lightly”.

        Also, there is some thrill as the bottom, to know that you have no control over how hard you will be hit.

  2. Interesting thoughts.

    Most of the time I require a warm up or I find I can’t physically handle the spanking. Like, it’s simply not going to be possible and I’m going to stop it. Especially now a days that I go so long between them. Once I’ve got that though, I prefer it ramped up.

    I think you’re right though – one persons warm up is another persons too hard, etc.

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