Indulge My Priorities

When I’m in kinky mode, I am often haunting Fetlife or Twitter and even this blog when the mood strikes. Lately my focus has shifted because of another world I involve myself in: Politics. I am not a political operative nor am I particularly involved in any national or local parties. I am just one of the many members of the Netroots that stay involved online, reading and learning and communicating with fellow political junkies about what we consider important to us. Lately I’ve found myself in the zone about our coming election and what it means to me and what I think it should mean to everyone. In these strange times, it seems that the seriousness of the political world sets my kinkiness aside for a bit. Not totally nor in any life changing way but just trumps it in importance for the moment.

My desire and love for spanking is part of what I am. It doesn’t matter how I indulge it or what side of the equation I choose to fall on, it is always there and something that makes me feel whole and fulfilled. But right now there is something looming on the horizon that is so significant that I can’t stay silent about it even though this blog is not a political one per se. However, we are all political animals. As much as we might want to escape into our own fantasy worlds, we are still part of the real world where consequences have an effect beyond a sore bottom or corner time.

The poisonous atmosphere of American politics right now is dangerous to the well-being of this country. I am talking about a movement firmly planted on one side of the political spectrum that seems hellbent on crushing the life from all people who don’t fall in line with its thinking. It is a politics of selfishness that has its roots not in the organic soil of the people but the contrived and manufactured toxic fertilizer spewing from corporations and the top percentile of income earners. This phony “movement” threatens our lives in a direct way and is something that I as an American, let alone one whose personal life is on the fringes of acceptability, can not ignore. The right wing in America have become a dangerous beast which seeks to devour everything in its path.

Their desire to crush dissent is obvious when you see a woman knocked to the ground, kicked and punched all because she dares to have an opinion. Their desire to control the lives of others is obvious when you see human beings in love forbidden from expressing it for fear of violence or kept from formalizing their relationship the way millions of their fellow citizens are allowed to do. You see their elitism and racism when laws are passed that can put women and children behind razorwire fences all for the crime of having a darker skin and a desire for a better life. It is painfully clear how disconnected from reality they are when they side with their corporate oppressors against Americans who struggle on a daily basis to simply survive or keep a roof over their families heads. Their insanity is most naked when they fill their rhetoric with lies about a president amidst violent fantasies of guns and violence and death. This is what I feel the need to stop. This is why I involve myself in politics even if it is to make sure I enter the voting booth on Election Day. This is why I educate myself as much as possible about what is going on around me and strive to wipe away any veil of ignorance that may be in front of my eyes. This is why I care.

I make no apologies for expressing this on my blog — it is my place and my choice to write whatever I please. I feel the things I’ve written here most deeply whether they are about my hand against naked flesh or movement of ersatz fascists who seem oblivious to what they foment and oblivious to the future they are helping to create. If what I’m saying bothers you then leave. Don’t come back to this blog because I don’t want you here. If you think LGBT people should have no rights then get lost. If you think that the poor are poor by their own laziness then get lost. If you think that putting our trust in the rich to somehow shower us with their largesse is the right course for this country then go and don’t come back. Delete this bookmark, unfollow me on Twitter, don’t talk to me when you see me unless you are willing to have a reasonable conversation. If all you have is ill thought slogans derived from the mewling of a radio talk show host with no facts to back it up — don’t talk to me because I have nothing for you but disdain and pity.

Election Day is coming and I know what I’ll be doing. If you still want to come here, I’ll be talking about spanking after that. Peace.


3 Responses to “Indulge My Priorities”

  1. Ok I don’t have anything really meaningful to add or comment here. I just want to say I love this post and that you are able to express what I feel about this whole issue much more eloquently than I. I will be voting for sure next week, not that it will make much dent in the Alabama political world but at least I’ll have tried and expressed my opinion/views by doing so.

    • Casting your vote is never a waste. As long as we still have the right to do so, everyone who can vote should vote. You never know when there might be more of you out there than you think — even in Alabama.

  2. As a woman, I look back at how hard suffragette’s fought for the right of women to vote…and I get my lazy American ass up off the couch and go pull the lever. Because somewhere in another country, some woman is afraid of getting her head chopped off if she dared to vote. Seriously. Don’t ever, ever, ever take the right for granted.

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