Ten Blogs Half Written

I’m really quite disgusted with myself. I look over at the list of blogs in the “draft” category and they mock me with their incompleteness. I start off with these ideas in my head and just start writing and then part of the way through I look at what I’ve written and say, “What the hell is this crap?” Then I stare at the screen and have no idea where to go or what the original impetus was to start the thing in the first place. Like I said, disgusted with myself.

Anyway, last night I was actually able to get out of work at a reasonable hour and get uptown to attend a play with my wife. The fact that Ms. Cassandra Park was going to be part of a after play discussion panel made it doubly worthwhile. The play was titled, Skin Deep: A Comedy Without Tanlines, written by Rich Orloff and presented by The Foolish Theatre Company. The play centered around a couple from Ohio that inherits a clothing-optional inn on Key West once owned by the husband’s brother. The themes were basically tolerance, acceptance and expanding one’s horizons. It was quite enjoyable and full of wonderful performances. Even I enjoyed it with my penchant for deconstruction of everything I’m watching. The panel discussion was good as well and the famous Cassandra Park was an excellent participant as were the others who discussed the topic, “Domination for Fun and Profit”.

Like my multitude of drafts that go nowhere, I always come out of things like plays and book readings with this thought in my head that maybe I should try my hand at something like that. The fact that I have not studied those things nor know how to do them doesn’t seem to get in the way of my fantasy. It’s sort of like walking out of a rock concert and saying, “Maybe I should play the guitar”, but soon realize that I have no aptitude for even learning where the notes are on the fretboard. Most of my ideas, whether blogs or not, come right off the top of my head. That’s the way that I do my creative projects at work and figure the same can apply to writing. The fact that I have the skills to do what I do at work and have accumulated them over 20+ years doesn’t seem to register. So there I am, imagining that I’m going to write a play and then asking myself what it would be about. Eventually all I can come up with is a play about a guy that wears a Darth Vader helmet everywhere he goes including a first date with someone he’s met online. It would be one of those plays where people are eating dinner or something and then talk about shit for 90 minutes with some sort of emotional crap happening about 3/4 of the way through the play and an ambiguous ending that leaves the theater goer thinking. The fact that it’s not a fleshed out idea is immaterial, those are just details to be ironed out as I write the first and only draft.

Maybe I’ll look over the mocking blog drafts and try to salvage something out of them. I could combine a few and make the thoughts a potpourri kind of blog. Or I could just start a whole new one off the top of my head and see where that goes.


7 Responses to “Ten Blogs Half Written”

  1. Ummmm…..yeah. You and me both….. 😉


  2. What makes any of us qualified to do anything?

    If you feel like doing it, give it your best, I say. How else will you know if it is something you have aptitude for. At worst, if you don’t like the results you can always remember that you tried it once.

    I think you will do just fine!


    • I guess it’s because I feel I don’t have the skill set to be attempting something like that. I can write (sort of) but I’ve never written drama outside of a few assignments in college. The way I see it, every artistic endeavor has its own language. I know the language of producing audio but not the language of writing drama.

  3. Damn mocking blog drafts. Delete them! That’ll teach them!

    Not sure why your play idea is reminding me of “Lars and the Real Girl”, but it is.

  4. cassandrapark Says:

    I truly believe Rad could write this play, because he knows all about wearing a Darth Vader helmet on a first date …

    In all serious, this is not like leaving a rock concert and wanting to play guitar. You’re already a writer! It’s just a different genre.

  5. You are a knucklehead.

    Darth Vader helmet. That is ridiculous, It would CLEARLY have to be a Wookie costume!!!

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