The Lure Of Public Play

I make no excuses for the fact that I love to top people in public. There is a rush and a thrill to it that often transcends other sorts of scenes by adding an extra layer of excitement.

I’ve been an exhibitionist my entire life. My younger self was the class clown, the witty kid, the actor in school plays, the personality that often stood out in a room as being unusual for some undefined reason. This was not always a plus for me. Like we often remark about “vanilla” people not understanding us, their were always vanilla people in my life who just didn’t get my sense of humor or the underlying wise-ass nature of my persona. To them I was just bizarre or odd or strange or any of a hundred different pejoratives. It hurt when people didn’t “get” me but as I grew older I realized that there were always going to be such people. I learned to simply shrug my shoulders and say, “Fuck ’em”.

When I came out in the scene, I didn’t realize that I would enjoy playing in public. My very first experience with any sort of play that could be considered serious was at Paddles and by the nature of any BDSM club was public. I was slightly put off by the watchers when I first started to play but I realized quite quickly that anyone viewing what I was doing was receding into a fuzzy distance in my mind. They were still there but I was so focused on what I was doing that I just didn’t let their presence bother me. I also found that the first time someone approached me after a public scene and said, “That was a hot scene”, hooked me on being an exhibitionist. My ego was sufficiently fed and that was a good thing. I think the discovery that I enjoyed doing things in front of people eventually led to wanting to appear in videos. When I was performing in front of the camera, I knew that the crew was there doing what they are doing. I was aware of the director and his instructions as I was performing. But this ability to “tune out” the noise in a room made it possible to do what I feel were creditable and realistic spanking scenes.

Last night at Paddles’ OTK Night was one of those times when doing a public scene really clicked. I took my wife Sandy up on the center stage for a hard strapping. We attracted a group of watchers (both male and female) and had a pretty hot scene with me doing my best mean top act and Sandy providing a lovely target complete with screams, groans and yelps. After it was over and we were having a scene-ending intimate moment, I noticed that people were still standing around watching even though we’d ended things. It was at that moment that I realized that not only had we made a connection with each other while playing but made a connection with other club goers by what we were doing. It’s something that feels really special when it happens.

I feel that doing public scenes creates an energy at the club that influences other people to want to go off and play themselves. Honestly, I wish more people did scenes up on the stage at Paddles rather than going off into some dark corner by themselves. There are people who are just there to watch or who might want to participate at a later time but are really there to observe for now. I see it as nothing but a plus for the club and its atmosphere to provide folks with some of the entertainment that they’ve come there to enjoy. They’re paying customers and how much fun is it to hand over your money and have nothing to watch for your trouble.

I’m all for exhibitionism whether at the club or at a party. It may not be for everyone but I wouldn’t mind having something to look at myself every so often.


6 Responses to “The Lure Of Public Play”

  1. I don’t mind playing in public. I used to be more shy about it, but it doesn’t bother me now, I can tune things out to some extent. However I really only do a mild spanking when in public (and never bare). I can’t get into a harsher or deeper scene in front of people. I tend not to react with spanking anyway unless I’m pretty comfortable with someone, or they just happen to be able to “get to me” in the right way, but in public I’m still too self-conscious to let go enough for that. Not sure I’ll ever get that far lol.

    I could see you doing it though, you’re really good at portraying a certain mood. Even the few little swats I’ve seen you give in public at FMS have been realistic in the way you act. Haha, it’s actually been intimidating for me because you seem annoyed for real! You do stern and scary very well 😀

    • The key for me is the ability to tune things out enough to get into a “zone”. That’s not always the case. There are certain people who feel the need to do a running commentary on what they’re watching or even making remarks to the players during a scene. Not only do I find this against all scene etiquette but very rude. It’s often difficult to tune stuff like that out because it’s so jarring.

  2. I love public play, and the scene we had on Saturday was fantastic! You really pushed me. I, too, feed off the crowds. While I am focused on what’s happening to me, especially during a severe scene, I am usually aware that people are watching. For me it tends to make me want to take more, to prove I am strong, to not be a wimp.

    I’m one who likes to see others take pain as well, and I agree with Rad that I wish there were more of that happening in public.

  3. Lunargirl Says:

    I have never played in public and I find the idea both alluring and terrifying. Maybe someday I could, but pretty sure that I would still be one of those who would be watching.

    I am glad for those of you who do, however. It gives me something to keep as a goal, to be able to participate and not just observe…:)

    • Without observers we wouldn’t have any reason to perform. Then again, I need stuff to look at as well so the more who participate the better it is for me.

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