Not A Bad Turnout For The Munch

This past weekends Paddles OTK Night Munch was well-attended and featured a lively group of people telling ribald jokes and generally having a good time. We had enough folks to provide our male guests with the better Paddles discount ($25 rather than $30). The club was also attended by a larger bunch of people than I’ve seen in the recent past and started to somewhat resemble the OTK Nights I remember complete with screaming and barking man — an air of fun and chaos that makes going to the club fun for me. Next month, OTK Night moves back to the first Saturday of October and gets into full swing for the Fall season. The weather will be chillier so I’m sure there will be a good number of people who will want to spend the night indoors warming up bottoms or getting their own bottom warmed (or both).

As always, Paddles is located at 250 W. 26th Street (just east of 8th Avenue) and opens its doors for OTK Night around 7pm. The munch, run by my wife Sandy and me, takes place at the Moonstruck Diner, SW corner of 23rd st. and 9th Avenue starting at 5:30pm.


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