Another Party Review?


Although I thought that this year’s Shadow Lane party was quite possibly the best I’d been to due to the relaxed atmosphere of the partiers, I do come away with slight regrets. I went to Vegas to do what I wanted which was to have a good time and not to pressure myself to play with everyone I came in contact with nor to “compete” with any other Tops for any reason. I did my own thing and I’m glad I did because it allowed me to relax and make a real vacation out of the trip. There are times when these parties are so hectic and so crammed with activities that it feels like work. I’ve had parties like that in the past where I’ve played nearly non-stop the entire weekend. I didn’t want to do that this time around and was very happy to have those play sessions with people I enjoyed playing with.

That said, I can’t help but come away from the party feeling I could have done more or that I should have done more. There were people I wanted to play with but did not approach — both people I’d played with in the past and some new folks. I’m really not sure why I didn’t but that’s what happened. Certainly there were a couple of days when I did not feel a hundred percent. I had some sinus issues on one day (the dry air was shrinking them quite painfully) and was so tired on Saturday afternoon that I nearly fell asleep at a suite party and had to go to my room for a two hour nap before the banquet. I’m glad I took the nap because I was refreshed but it certainly did cut into my fun times a tad. However, I recognize that these feelings stem from my own neuroses so I’ll just do what I’ve been doing for a while now, take these feelings and push them away in favor of the positive things.

All in all, I’d say that the party was good. The people were very relaxed and created an atmosphere that made both veterans and new folks comfortable enough to explore their kink and just to enjoy themselves. Eve Howard wrote today that about 260 people attended the party which is quite a nice number and more people than were at the 2009 party. If there were problems at the party, they were peripheral to the fun that was being had by all the people I came in contact with. I am also happy to note that my wife’s book sold very well, nearly selling out the second printing. Congratulations to her. I also want to thank all the folks who I got to play with including two “thieves” who stole a credit card for a night of gambling, drinking and debauchery. OK, it was a role play but one I really enjoyed (although winding down from the anger took a few minutes afterwards). Thanks also to Tony and Uncle David for driving Sandy, Ms. Cassandra and me from and to the airport. It really saved us both time and treasure. I also want to say that I enjoyed meeting some people for the first time or getting to know some people a lot better. I hope these encounters are the beginnings of long friendships.

This has been a great year for spanking parties and it’s not over yet. Thanks go to Eve, Tony and Butch for all their efforts to throw a grand party during tough economic times for everyone. In all honesty, it was a sorely needed break from the real world. Thanks go out to all the folks who provided their suites for open parties. I think there were more open events than ever before and it was great to witness such generosity on display. I don’t want to forget those folks who vended at the event including the visitors from Northern Spanking who put on quite a show during the Vendors Fair. As always, Bob DJ provided the soundtrack to the party and thanks go to him as always.

Well, I’m not sure what I’ll write about next. I’m thinking of writing a book which I may do in November during National Novel Writing Month but we’ll see. I don’t know if I want to write a novel or a non-fiction book of spanko related thoughts mixed with a memoir. I’ll ponder that. OTK Night at Paddles is this Saturday with the pre-event munch hosted by Sandy and me. The MSA Party is that night as well so you’ll want to check on that event on Fetlife. SSNY is throwing a party on September 25th so you partiers who are still looking for your spanking fix might want to look into that. I’m sure there are other events as well so feel free to mention them in the comments section if you so choose (but do it courteously and only when sober).


3 Responses to “Another Party Review?”

  1. Rad, you are one of my favorite people to see at the coffee shop in the morning because it’s always an interesting conversation. I do know what you mean about approaching people to play – I had a few of those moments myself where the words were almost out of my mouth but that I shyed away from at the last minute. But all in all, it was a wonderful time and a great diversion from the practical side of life.

  2. I completely agree, Rad. I felt that this was one of the best parties (of the 5 I’ve attended) ever. I was so relaxed and happy…of course, I’ve since suffered from post party drop, but I recovered fairly quickly. It was great to see you and play with you, and I hope to do the same at the October SSNY party.

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