I’ve Been Busy/TES Talk Tonight

I had a post about cliques all ready to go the other day and pulled back from it. It was too snarky and ridiculous — an exercise in frivolity. I’ve also been really angry lately, not at the scene but in the world of politics that I also frequent. I’ve been over at Daily Kos (one of the many left leaning sites I contribute on) ranting like a madman at the rich and arguing with people about my ideas for dealing with them. Apparently, not a lot of my fellow liberals are into firing squads. Oh, well, I’m ahead of the curve.

I’m also getting ready for my presentation at the TES Spanking Group tonight. It will take place at Paddles – doors open at 7:30pm ($4 for TES Members, students with ID, or members of other fetish groups with ID cards, $8 for non-members). I’m going to be discussing men in the spanking scene and the obstacles that they have to navigate that are often unique to them. In other words, I’m going to wing it all off the top of my head like I do everything in life. Why prepare when being unprepared is more exciting? Anyway, I’m going to talk about a couple of things and then open it up to whoever wants to add something, hopefully creating an atmosphere for discussion. By the way, women are NOT excluded contrary to what some might think.


One Response to “I’ve Been Busy/TES Talk Tonight”

  1. loretta1234 Says:

    so, how did your talk go? we wanted to attend but couldn’t make it in to the city.
    hugs, loretta

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