Countdown To Shadow Lane

Here it comes, the Party of Parties and the one that started the whole ball rolling. Shadow Lane. As a devout spanko, I know that I’m not alone in feeling that it is a pilgrimage that I am compelled to make.

This year feels a little different for me. The past few years have been filled with a great deal of stress, some of which I’ve talked about here. I’ve tended to let the stress affect me in negative ways including letting it gnaw away at my enjoyment of things. Books, music, writing, spanking — all of these things were touched by the stress in my life. It was something I should not have let happen but did. Spanking wasn’t as enjoyable to me. Writing wasn’t as enjoyable to me. Having spent a lifetime as a voracious reader, even that was not enjoyable. I really let the bad thoughts drag me down for a while and even get in the way of enjoying one of the best parties around. The last couple of years have been like that in Vegas.

But like I said, this year feels different. I’ve made a healthy start coming up with ways to cope with the obstacles of life. I have actually begun to recognize the difference in me as the months of 2010 have passed by. I’m coping at work better than I have and actually enjoying my job again. I’ve started to write on this blog again, perhaps in fits and starts, but certainly with an eye towards putting words on the screen. I said to myself that I wasn’t going to be chained to this blog but only write when the mood strikes me. It’s just that the mood has struck far more than it did just six months ago. I’ve started reading again and actually discovered three authors that are new to me that I enjoy quite a bit. Most importantly, I’ve started enjoying the scene again including the act of spanking. I’m getting back that feeling that had gone dormant for a while which provided the kinky push that finally got me active a little less than six years ago. I’ve gone to several parties where I’ve had a lot of fun and have generally started enjoying things again rather than letting them be clouded by problems.

Yes, I know, I still kvetch about this or that with the occasional rant but even then I’m not letting these minor things taint my fun. I’ve had issues with scene drama but right now it seems to be a nice period of relative calm. Even so, I just don’t care about any drama anymore because I realize that I don’t have to participate in it. Yes, I might be involved in some way but I’d rather be a peacemaker than a fighter with the one caveat that I will defend my wife vigorously and to a conclusion that will be decidedly unpleasant for the other person.

All that said, let the countdown to debauchery begin. I will be writing about it as the days progress towards Vegas. Next up: I’m going to talk about a little thing called “cliques”. Hold on to your definitions for that one.


2 Responses to “Countdown To Shadow Lane”

  1. I’ll be there too, Rad…Hope to see you and have time to play! (I know you get VERY busy)

  2. lunargirl Says:

    I have added you to my blogroll. I find you very interesting and enjoyed your blog a lot. Thanks.


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