She There, Me Here

While the lovely, vivacious and otherwise perfect person who is my wife was on her official book tour at the Crimson Moon party in Chicago, I stayed behind to listen to our cat yowl incessantly while spending my Saturday evening at the SSNY party in Manhattan.

I’m going to dispense with the hyperbole this time around and not say something as clichéd as how these parties keep getting “better and better”. The fact is that it is not a competition between parties or between events of the same organization. The regular SSNY parties have now settled into a steady state where they are consistently some of the most enjoyable single-day events I attend. Last night’s event was very enjoyable with the usual wide array of participants all hanging out in each other’s company having a good time — the epitome of what a spanking party should be. Lots of playing, lots of talking, lots of delicious snacks including my favorites: Philly pretzels, hummus and soda. I got to play a bunch of times which was certainly worth the price of admission — I thank all those contestants who played along for their kind indulgence. Not a lot more I can say except that if you are among those spankos who have thought about attending a party but have not yet taken the leap, you would do yourself a big kinky favor by making plans to attend the next SSNY party. Trust me, it’ll be all that and a tub of hummus.

Now it’s off to put up a Fetlife notice about next week’s Paddles OTK Night Munch. The munch has been filled to capacity the last three times and I expect it to be the same next week. We may have to ask for the entire back room at the diner rather than sharing it with those freakish vanillas they shove in there with us. I’m sure my two wives, Sandy and Ms. Cassandra, will have something about the Crimson Moon party up on their respective blogs in the coming days so you can go check out those reports when they happen.


One Response to “She There, Me Here”

  1. Thank you Rad for the kind words, we really appreciate them. You and Sandy are a great addition to our parties, Thanks again.

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