What’s The Matter With Me?

I am a member and contributor to Fetlife. It is a great place to live, work and visit. However, I’ve noticed that the ratio of my non-kinky posts to kinky posts is heavily skewed towards the non-kinky. Science fiction, books, movies, general snarky comments and, of course, politics. To be quite honest, I really think that my main kink in life is my love of politics — getting down in the mud and mixing it up with people.

Maybe I’ve gotten a bit bored with a lot of the kinky talk online. I mean, how many times can I see a conversation that starts, “What’s the best implement to use…” or “Name your favorite punishment…”. Again? Also the endless “[fill in the blank] or Pass” threads as well. Do I really need to pass or be passed? Is this necessary for some alleged fun that some people might be having? These threads always seem to be started by Mister or Ms. Hotness who know they will not be passed. Ego feeding crap. Also, with some of these threads on the Fet groups, it’s so easy to see your well thought out and elaborately worded comment drift away unacknowledged, sitting like a memento of your wasted effort. Talk about “pass”.

Anyway, I just wanted to vent in a place that I have control of (the way it should be). Carry on with your lives now, I’m going back to Fet to see if I got under the skin of some right winger in the political group.


4 Responses to “What’s The Matter With Me?”

  1. Pass, indeed. This is why I’ve been commenting on the Film Snobs group so often lately. I too love FetLife, but it gets redundant sometimes.

    Although I don’t know how you have the stomach for the Politics group. I read a thread from that every now and then and want to smash my computer screen with a baseball bat.

  2. Gotta agree with you, Rad. It’s getting rarer for me to comment anymore on FetLife, particularly on the kinky/spanking groups. I find myself drifting towards the non-kinky … the movies, baseball, and my person self-indulgence, the Redheads group. It’s easy and natural to get somewhat jaded, and I’ve only got so many exclamation marks left in my life, y’know? I’ll leave the giddiness of spanking to the newer, more enthusiastic bunch, and enjoy my comfortable level of kinkiness.

  3. Gotta agree with you, Rad. There are so many threads up that are self-serving or the person already knows the kinds of answers they’ll get. This strikes me as particularly confrontational and I try not to engage. I’m not always successful though.

    I’ve stayed in the baseball group and also the one political group I belong to. Maybe things on the kinky groups will improve.


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