Drama Free Zone

The FMS Tropical Beach Party and then OTK Night at Paddles — both had something in common. These were events where adults got together and acted like adults with nothing else to detract from the enjoyment. This is what I like.

I’m not saying drama doesn’t happen. It does. I’m not saying that all negative things that happen in the scene are frivolous because they are not. Sometimes things happen which engender a negative response from others, an argument breaks out and it takes a while for things to subside. That sort of thing happens every place where humans interact. The thing that bothers me most is when grown up people behave like they’re still in high school (I suppose that would be “upper school” for those in Great Britain). I don’t have to put a fine point on any of these behaviors because we all have an idea what I’m talking about and have probably gone through it ourselves during our younger days. For me this sort of drama is a slow-acting disease in the scene, eating away at the very connections people should be making as them make their way through it. My feeling about it is that simply put, I don’t have to like everyone equally but I should go out of my way to treat everyone fairly and cordially if possible. If someone is hell bent on attacking me then there’s not a lot I can do about it other than attempt to sit down with them and iron it out. Same goes for those who might rub me the wrong way for one reason or another. I believe that there’s a middle ground that can smooth things out the best way that is attainable. There are times when this doesn’t work so it’s probably best in that case that these folks avoid each other altogether if they can.

The thing I’ve noticed about the last couple of events, both big and small, that I’ve been to is that there seems to have been a distinct lessening of the aforementioned drama. Whether it was a conscious decision by some participants to create a pleasant atmosphere or just a general tiredness of drama itself, I did notice a much more relaxed atmosphere. People got together to enjoy each other’s company and have fun which is the way that this scene or any scene should be. OTK Night, which has seen more people attending as of late, was also refreshingly adult both at the crowded munch and at the club later on. Not everyone played, some folks just came to hang out and talk to people or just observe. Whatever the case, those folks that did show up behaved themselves admirably and made the place that much better for everyone involved.

I don’t want to make a pledge to do this or that and don’t expect anyone else to do so. However, I’m going to do my best to go to any and all future events with a simple reality in mind: I’m there to have fun and want everyone else to have fun, too. If that means I have to act the gracious host then I will. If that means I have to help do conflict resolution when anything negative happens then I’ll help do that as well. I understand that it’s not just about showing up and having things happen around me spontaneously. I have to actively participate in making sure that things are the way I want them to be. We’re a community and a community works together to build something better. From the past few events I see that perhaps it is beginning to happen again. Let’s keep it going.


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