More Joy Of Caning

The more I do it, the more I like it. Caning has become one of my favorite activities that falls under the umbrella of spanking. It’s not just about OTK anymore.

I’ve written before that for years my spanking kink revolved around the very traditional OTK hand spanking. This was always my preferred method of chastisement and it still remains my favorite. As time has gone by, I’ve found myself branching out into other areas that at one time would not have interested me at all. I discovered the enjoyment I got from using the strap early on in my scene life. To this day, the strap (especially one particular kind made by London Tanner) is the one implement that I’ve gotten quite good at using. I can get everything from a low moan to a loud scream just by varying the way I use the leather strap. I’m not as big a fan of wooden paddles but use them on occasion.

The one item that held no interest for me back in the days of dormant spanko life was the cane. It was not something that I associated with spanking and saw as either British or American from a long gone era. For me the lack of immediacy is what I didn’t care for. Spanking was an act created a direct connection between two people — the one doing the spanking holding the other person across their lap. Caning seemed too clinical, too cold and emotionless. I didn’t get what was so interesting about having someone bend over a desk or chair or whatever and take a set number of strokes in a somewhat mechanical way. I used the cane sparingly in the early days, more afraid that I’d miss than for fear of finding the practice boring. However, I soon began to understand what it was that a caning scene offered me in terms of enjoyment. It was precisely the cool and measured way that it was done that started working its magic on my kink.

I’ve always enjoyed spanking in terms of Father/daughter or Teacher/student play but often affecting an “angry” or “exasperated” demeanor where the punishment comes out as a sudden release and somewhat spontaneous. My writing about spanking, back in the day when I was writing a lot of fiction for myself, took this tone on a regular basis. It wasn’t until I got involved in the scene that the idea of institutional punishment got into my head. The thought, for example, of a student staying after school and having to come to the dean’s office because of some issue, having to wait until called forth and then having to be lectured before a punishment began to appeal to me. The methodical nature of the scene also became fetishized for me — the ritual played out between teacher and student, each knowing their part in the play. A caning scene for me is not the kicking and screaming of a spanking, the attempt to wriggle away, block hands amidst cries of “no”. What my particular caning fetish is made up of is the cold and clinical aura around a scene like that — oddly enough, precisely that which turned me off to it once upon a time.


4 Responses to “More Joy Of Caning”

  1. And you’re quite good at it.

    Even if you do a bizarre dance afterwards.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    perfect description of just what I get out of a good caning, too…

  3. What erotic joy I get, when I cane a naughty woman on her bare bottom. Even more so, if she is wearing garter-belt and stockings.

  4. I was caned regularly at school in traditional style with sixes of the best on each occasion. I got it on purpose on occasions so I could show my cousin afterwards, who used to respond by showing me her school knickers plus. I still need to meet others with similar interest for give and receive in old fashion style. Always like to exchanges for those interested. Regulation @ mail . Com

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