Au Revoir, Tropical Beach Party

I’m not going to be coy about it, the last FMS Tropical Beach Party was the best yet.

I wish I could bottle it or save the formula for later use but there has always been something about the Florida Moonshine Tropical Beach Party that has energized me and my kink even in my darkest hours. This blog was born out of the aftermath of the 2008 party and I come away from this year’s model feeling like it may be time to give Radspace a shot in the arm and start writing again. As for the party itself, it was terrific from beginning to end. I wish that Sandy (a.k.a. Ms. Cassandra Park) and I could have been there on Thursday but it was not to be. However, considering the travel delays and cancellations of a few other party-goers, it probably was best that we did not try to fly there the day before.

We got there on Friday having traveled with our new friend Gatita (who you can find on Fetlife if you so choose). The Super Shuttle did a good job of transferring us from the airport to the hotel at a somewhat reasonable price. Bags were dropped off at our room and we promptly ended up joining some of our friends for lunch at an excellent Mexican restaurant within walking distance of the hotel. That evening’s vendor’s fair was festive and full of wonderful items to buy. Ms. Cassandra Park was there selling and signing her first book, It’s Supposed To Hurt, a collection of essays, short stories and original photos. I can say that I was honored to man the table along with the author and happy to report that the book sold briskly. We had the good fortune to be next to another pair of authors, Abel and Haron, who were also vending two of their volumes; we were only too happy to snatch up autographed copies of both. I was also glad to finally make the acquaintance of Abel because he and I were slated to do the FMS Academy schoolgirl event the next afternoon (more on that later). The evening ended with play, suite parties and the yearly pizza assault which luckily did not end in a riot this year.

I set aside Saturday morning for preparation of the FMS Academy. After a staff meeting between the two instructors and the Head Girl, Emily, we were ready to proceed with testing and doled out punishments. I have to say that the Academy was the highlight for me this past weekend. I’ve written in the past how a schoolroom scene would be the ultimate for me and I was more than honored to be asked to participate this time around. I wore an approximation of what an American schoolteacher might wear although a jacket and tie in the Florida heat was probably not the smartest thing I’ve done — but the show had to go on. We had about 16 girls decked out in their school uniforms and we handed out tests relating to vocabulary and grammar. In the end, the girls in the bottom three of four groups got various strokes of the cane for doing poorly on the exams.

Regardless of whether the “punishments” were severe or not, the scene itself was wonderful because it allowed me to indulge the frustrated actor inside me by getting into character. Abel was an excellent model for me to follow although I did not try to imitate him. I just became the tough and intimidating sort of teacher I remember from my school years and I hope it came across to the girls as well as it felt for me. After the fact, I said to myself that I could have done this different or that different but I truly felt satisfied at the end of it.

More fun was had Saturday night at the banquet. The food, as always at FMS, was excellent and portions were ample for those choosing to go back for more. Afterwards, Cody and Nisha presented their famous trivia contest. Sandy and I were asked to act as “celebrity” judges which meant we were the ones to give out the spankings for wrong answers. I nasty task but one which I was only too glad to perform out of the kindness of my heart. I am happy to report that the winners of the last FMS Tropical Beach Party trivia contest were Dave and Stacey, two fine people and fine Americans. The evening ended with more suite parties, more spankings and a great deal of fun. I will forever remember the episode that featured Ms. Cassandra and me, our friend Indy, our new friends Libby, Catherine and Adele and a plot featuring an indecipherable text message in drunken Nazi code. How this came about is a mystery for the ages. I’m also extremely pleased that I got to play with two people, Irish Red and Dianne, who each abducted me to make sure that another year would not go by without me spanking them. I’m glad they did because it was great.

Sunday began with an excellent CP Court featuring the Honorable Judge Dave but was also a relaxing day for me. We finally got a chance to enjoy the beach a bit even though the temperatures and humidity were enough to negate the breeze coming off the Gulf. Dinner was at a very good seafood place called the Oyster Shucker that featured free refills of Diet Pepsi which meant that I was in heaven. The paella was good too as were the crab cakes. More folks than I remember from past years partied into the late hours on Sunday night with lots of good conversation and good play going on all around us. I suppose that being the last of these excellent parties, no one wanted it to end until the last bit of fun could be squeezed out. I ended the night with a nice and hard session with Sandy as she was bent over Dave’s patented portable punishment bench — straps and canes were flying all over the place.

My special thanks to Commander Ed who drove us to the airport for our trip home; you’re a gentleman and a driver. A shout-out as well to all the new folks I got to meet at FMS — a very cool and exciting bunch of folks that I hope I get to see again real soon. I was also quite pleased to be able to finally make the acquaintance of folks who I’d seen multiple times before but had never been introduced to — Jenni Mack and Ann being two memorable examples.

I’ve saved all the mushy stuff until the end because I wanted to do it right and as thoroughly as possible. Every single person who helped put on each of the FMS parties I’ve gone to and especially this one deserve my greatest level of praise. I’m loath to mention people specifically for fear of leaving out others but wanted to mention the tireless efforts of some of the folks like Headmaster Tony, Kay, Irish Red, Stella, Morgan who was an excellent Director of Security, Head Girl Emily for her tireless work making sure the Academy ran like clockwork and many others including the vendors, people who opened their suites for party-goers and the many FMS members that worked their butts off to bring it off. If I’ve forgotten to mention people by name, I’m sure the comments section will include them for all to see (assuming anyone still reads this blog).

I will not go another sentence without mentioning Ian the London Tanner. He could not be at the party due to other commitments and I missed his presence. I know that he split his time between taking care of personal business and making sure (even if by long distance) that the Tropical Beach Party was a success. There are significant rumors that Ian is planning something big for 2012 so stay tuned for upcoming news on that front.

What’s next? Well, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to make Crimson Moon in July even though it is Ms. Cassandra Park’s next leg on her book tour. If I don’t go to Chicago, I will definitely be at the SSNY party and will be looking forward to Shadow Lane and the great city of Las Vegas on Labor Day weekend. Plenty of spanking events yet to come and adventures to be had. I suppose I better keep this blog going just to properly report on them and other things.

Until next time.


9 Responses to “Au Revoir, Tropical Beach Party”

  1. Karl Friedrich Gauss Says:

    Hey thanks for the great report, Rad. Almost makes me wish I was there!

  2. Rad, you did an awesome job as a Teacher at the academy. The stern looks and voice reminded me of the many teachers I had in school years ago. You nailed the character and made the scene.

    Reading your blog and comments on the boards, really does make all the hard work we all did before and during the party worth it.

    And now that I know abduction is necessary to play with you, I will try and get the courage up to abduct you myself the next time I see you at a party. lol

    • Everyone deserves to feel proud of what was accomplished this year and all the previous years.

      Perhaps abduction is too strong a word – I might just need my attention refocused every so often considering all the distracting sights and sounds of a spanking party.

      As for the Academy: I just channeled a couple of the teachers I remembered from my school years.

      • IrishRed Says:

        I don’t think abduction is too strong a word, but then, I’m into the whole notion of pirates and such, so it appeals to me. I’m glad I got up the nerve. It was so much more than well worth it.

        Thanks for your kind comments on the party in general. It makes all the hard work seem so trivial when we hear that people had a great time.

        And the offer still stands for the three of us … Kay, Stella and myself … to buy you, should the opportunity ever arise. 🙂

        Thanks, Rad.


  3. Glad you had so much fun. I love to see the party write-ups. I really wish I could have gone this year, especially with it being the last one and all.

  4. Great report. G and I certainly enjoyed ourselves.

    It was great seeing you and Sandy as always. Fun to couple play after the Academy. Even though it was more of a fun scene vs. an intense one, you certainly can get into my head. (That ruler really sucks BTW.)

    Glad that FMS jump started your kink and interest in writing. I always look forward to reading your blog on a regular basis.

  5. Great report Rad, Great meeting you both, and Apple Rules 🙂

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