The End?

I just read and responded to an email from a friend asking if everything was all right because I have not written on this blog in a while. So here is an answer of sorts for the few people that still come here expecting something new.

Things are fine for the most part. Nothing catastrophic has taken place to occupy my mind away from writing. Yes, I am busy. Work, including the time and energy required to commute, takes up a great deal of my time during the day. However, that is not fully an explanation. I often have copious amounts of downtime during the day whether it’s hanging at Starbucks before work to those times in the middle part of my work when I’ve completed work orders but have not yet received new ones. In other words, there’s plenty of time to write. The problem is that my focus for writing about this subject is not really there anymore. My desire for spanking itself is still there but the desire to write about it has waned.

I have entertained thoughts about re-tooling this blog and perhaps making it more about fiction than opinion pieces. That way I could write on a less frequent basis but have content on a regular basis. But writing fiction is not just laborious for me but also nerve-wracking because I’m hardly ever satisfied with the end result and don’t want people to see what I consider sub-par work. I had a thought about taking this blog in a direction more in line with my professional abilities — perhaps in an audio direction instead of the written word. But that is as, if not more, time consuming than what I attempted to do all these years. I would have to make it a weekly audio program but that would require a lot of work and I’m not sure if I can stick to a schedule like that. Perhaps I could but that might be for some future time and possibly a different environment.

Currently, I frequent Twitter daily. Some days I tweat a lot, other days not so much. But the Twitter thing is more slice-of-life than what I do here and merely reporting on things that I am witnessing as they are happening mixed with opinion. Since journalism is not my field, I find the micro-blogging phenomenon fits with the way my brain spits out things — in little bite-sized pieces. I also spend a good amount of time on left-leaning political blogs reading articles and writing comments. However, that is part of the life that is not related to the Rad persona so I keep that all separate.

All in all, I find that I have a want and need to write but not the energy to come up with more ideas and to put them on this site. Is Radspace dead? Maybe it is and I’m just reluctant to call it a day and give it some finality. In any regard, old websites never die, they just fade away.


4 Responses to “The End?”

  1. Please don’t kill your blog! I enjoy coming here even if it is less frequently than in the past. Sooner or later you will find spanking related topics that you want to write about and you’ll have a place to go in cyberspace. It’s kind of like renting out your house and traveling the world. You know there’s always a home to come back to when you’re ready. I think most people have times when they are less productive, temporarily out of ideas, or just plain bored with the whole blogging thing. My own blog suffers from neglect, but I take comfort in the knowledge that it is there for me if I feel like showing up. And I can say virtually anything I want because I have so few visitors. I don’t keep a daily journal or diary, but the blog is helpful to my sanity. It reminds me of who I am in this largely vanilla world. I’ve always respected your honest disclosure and opinions, with which I’m usually in agreement. I know that I’m not the only one by any means. It is unusual to find such an intelligent and thoughtful blog. I hope you’ll keep at it when you feel inclined. There’s no point in posting if you’re uninspired and totally struggling.

  2. I have enjoyed reading your blog tremendously. I always enjoy a great sense of anticipation when I’ve found that you’ve left a new post. I enjoy your take on the scene, and on life in general. It is a great gift you have given, and I definitely appreciate the effort.

    I’ve found that people tend to evolve in the scene, as well as everywhere else. Scene stuff kind of ebs and flows for a lot of people. Sometimes it is #1 in our thoughts, and sometimes it is #972. Ssometimes we think we have thought ever thought, played every scene, and discovered every new/profound/witty revalation we will ever have with relation to it. And then tomorrow is another day. Who knows.

    Wherever your thoughts take you, whatever seems interesting or new or worthy of your unique take on the subject, I hope you enjoy it, and that others will have the benefit of your unique slant on things, as I have here.

    Again, thanks.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yep, I’m about to do the same thing.

  4. Smiling Devil Says:

    ^ that was from me.

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