Boardwalk Badness: A Big Thank You

Just got back from SSNY’s very first weekend party down in Atlantic City. More after the jump.

I had not been to Atlantic City in enough years to not remember how many. So what better reason to drive down to this city that is an odd amalgam of glitz and gloom than a spanking party. I admit to liking these sorts of hotel parties ever since my first taste of them in 2005 at the Shadow Lane event in Palm Springs. I guess it’s the atmosphere of 200+ spankos all in the same place with the same kink for the same reason. The enjoyment of it has a lot to do with the ability to enjoy your spanking fetish or even discuss it out in the open among people who “get it” without judgments. Even if I don’t play a lot, I enjoy hanging out with such a big number of like-minded people from all walks of life. It’s often as enjoyable to get into non-spanking discussions with people as it is doing what people came there to do.

My wife Sandy (a.k.a. Ms. Cassandra, The Corporal Consultant) and I arrived relatively late on Friday evening. I had taken the day off but my lovely wife was forced to work so we could not get out of New York earlier than 4 pm. There was a certain amount of tunnel traffic as well as on the Garden State Parkway which made the trip last a bit longer than it normally should. We arrived at about 7 pm and spent an hour checking in and getting ready for the vendor’s fair in the ballroom. Many good things were represented from paddles made by Kitty or Maria to the Cinema Swats compilations to my alma mater, Punished Brats and many more. It was an evening of hors┬ád’oeuvres and mingling as well as some game involving nuts and bolts which I never could quite understand. There were even some set-piece spankings that were performed in front of the vendor’s tables which seemed to put a smile on the faces of the hotel staff that witnessed these events.

One quick thing about the hotel: It’s probably because I’m used to the generic or complete lack of customer service exhibited by almost every business these days but I must say that the staff of the hotel was quite amazing. Very friendly, attentive and helpful at every possible moment of our stay. Not just professional but old-school from valet parking to the bellhops bringing the bags up to the waitresses in the cafe to the respect the staff gave our group of freaks during our stay. If they had any comments, they were sure to keep them to themselves. It’s often the case the tipping people feels like something you have to do but in the case of our stay, each tip was well earned by the folks there.

After the vendor’s fair it was up to the penthouse suites to hob-nob with our compatriots but we were so tired that we decided to call it a night relatively early. We had breakfast with some of our CA friends (D & G) and then it was time to get ready for the weekend’s main production, the Tanner Reformatory. I was assigned the duty of playing one of the guards while Sandy joined the ranks of the naughty inmates, each of which was to be punished by four guards, each armed with a different implement. We got our “uniforms” and some instruction from Chella, our warden and director, and then it was go time for performances. It was a fun event and went very smoothly. I was complimented on my demeanor but I suppose it’s easy to seem like an imposing guard when you know how not to smile when you’re not supposed to. There were a couple of pre-produced video that added to the fun and all-in-all, it was a highlight.

I’ll fast forward to that evening when we went down for dinner and the karaoke competition hosted by the always bubbly Sarah Gregory. She was right when she remarked about how talented the group as there were many singers who really could belt out a good tune. Although Joe from Chicago was the ultimate winner there were some great performances all the way round including Magic Steve doing the bass parts of a barbershop quartet rendition of The Beatles “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” — oddly compelling and the guy can sing, too.

The evening ended with the mistake of having me man the table on the penthouse floor checking for IDs. Proper order was maintained and no one got past me without an ID even if I knew them. I love rules as long as they aren’t for me. Later on it was spankings, strappings, paddlings and general hanging out before bed. After a brief breakfast this morning it was on the road for New York in time to pick up our cat at the vet by 4 pm.

It may have been the first party like this for the group but it didn’t seem like it. Everything seemed to be planned very well and ran smoothly. My thanks to Jules, Mike, Mike, Miranda and all the rest of the folks who helped make this a reality. I look forward to the next one for sure.


4 Responses to “Boardwalk Badness: A Big Thank You”

  1. I agree, Rad…the party rocked. Kudos to the hotel, the staff, and our hosts Mike, Jules, Miranda and Coach Tanner. It was so much fun…can’t wait ’til next year!

  2. Donna (Spanking New) Says:

    Rad, you hit the nail on the head — this party was wonderful. This was my first “spanking” party and I knew not a soul, but was made to feel welcomed and had one helluva good time getting my bottom spanked over and over again. Big kudos to Mike, Jules, Miranda and Mike Tanner for hosting a wonderful event! I’ll definitely be back next year!

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