Looking Forward To The Boardwalk Badness Weekend

First of all, it’s been years since I’ve been to Atlantic City. I used to go a lot more often about ten or so years ago but that was back when I used to rent a house on Long Beach Island for a week and generally enjoyed little trips to the Jersey Shore. Atlantic City has always seemed a little depressing to me because it comes across as a strip of nice (or at least gaudy) with an ocean on one side and a lump of rundown crap on the other. It always seemed like whatever money was made by the city was never invested in the city itself and that the “jobs” to be had passed a good number of the locals by. Pair that with the fact that the casinos were often full of blue haired old ladies, right hands black from pulling a slot machine lever and always a cigarette dangling from their lips. The sight of that sort of “glamour” would leave me with little desire to go back — ever.

A weekend spanking party now gives me a reason to go back and certainly spruces up the surroundings a bit (or renders them not worth noticing). This party also offers me another opportunity to drag myself out of a burned-out feeling that I’ve had for a while now. Rather than attribute it to any one factor, I think it happened to me because of a number of stress inducing incidents that have taken place over the last few years. A lot have been vanilla in nature — caring for my ailing mother, multiple deaths in my family, dealing with estate stuff, work, etcetera. Some have been scene-related and have at times left a sour taste in my mouth about the spanking scene itself. These have been things that I’ve felt weighing me down and have especially struck at me over the last year. I’m not one-hundred percent sure that things are on the upswing but I’m starting to feel optimistic that things are crawling in the right direction even if it’s inch by inch.

I’m going to be happy to go to this party and have fun. No definition about what defines “fun” except that I simply want to enjoy myself no matter what I’m doing. It could be playing, hanging out with people or just spending time in a casino. It most certainly will involve having a lot of this fun with my wife and partner-in-crime. It doesn’t mean we have to be hanging off each other 24/7 but it does mean I will enjoy whatever time we spend in each other’s company — although I do admit that we almost always have fun when we’re hanging out especially when we’re being goofy for our own amusement.

So let the parties begin. My wife Sandy/Ms. Cassandra and I will be in A.C. for Boardwalk Badness and then the FMS Tropical Beach Party in June and probably Shadow Lane although we have yet to make our plans for that one. I’ll be having fun — how about you?


4 Responses to “Looking Forward To The Boardwalk Badness Weekend”

  1. See you at the Beach Party and hopefully Shadow Lane! 😀

  2. We’ll be there too! I’ve never been to Atlantic City, and am so excited to go. Initially we weren’t gonna go. Like you, I struggle with that burnt out feeling a lot and started thinking of other places in our lives where we could use the money it would cost for us to attend this event. A few good friends who are attending gave constant encouragement (ok, harassment) for us to go……and once I made the leap, some of the burnt-out feeling dissipated and I actually started feeling excitement. 🙂


  3. I can’t wait for it either. I need a vacation!

  4. Couldn’t agree more. For the past couple of months, I’ve been in burn-out mode as well, with both with my career and kink. I’m hoping the AC party will jump start me back into gear.

    Looking forward to seeing you and Sandy!


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