I’ll Muse For A Second

The sexy schoolgirl is a part of the consciousness of this fetish. However, there are a sizable number who would see a more innocent look as being “authentically” a spanking fetish trope than the sexy which is more garden variety porn (although my porny thoughts are anything but “garden variety”). Is there a male equivalent to the schoolgirl? Is it the hot and authoritative teacher? That isn’t really the same thing because it flips the orientation around making the object of desire a top rather than a bottom. Is it the schoolboy, authentic or otherwise?

Knowing a little bit about spanking fetish porn, I tend to notice certain running themes. The ones featuring male tops and female bottoms tend to make the discipline very traditional (there are exceptions, of course) with the nudity reserved to uncovering the bottom. The dialogue tends to stick within the roles and rarely involves any sort of humiliation beyond that which is part of the role play itself. Perhaps I have not seen enough female top videos but the ones I’ve seen seem not to stick to this formula much. I often see men stripped completely nude with dialogue and harshness of discipline that feels like something outside of what “should” be happening.

Am I missing something in my observation? I’m sure folks can come up with examples that refute my argument but I’m talking an overall view. Are female top videos more along the lines of larger BDSM themes than merely spanking fetish?


One Response to “I’ll Muse For A Second”

  1. I dunno. I’ve noticed the same trends. Female top/male bottom videos tend to be more along the lines of general BDSM, although I have seen some amazing motherly type spanking only videos of F/M. Even a lot of spanking videos have the male stripped naked though.

    I think perhaps it’s because it’s rather normal to see men naked from the waist up, so adding in the waist down for a spanking doesn’t seem too humiliating.

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