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Inching Forward

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I admit that I’ve been cheating on my poor old blog by frequently commenting all over political blogs. The push for a more equitable health care system has been taking up a lot of my mental energy of late as I followed the news and opinion sites, frequently voicing my own opinions on the matter. For the record, I’m guardedly optimistic right now about the whole thing. It’s not the system I would have chosen considering that fact that I support a socialized system of health care as the only solution that will help the maximum amount of people. That said, this is a good first step on the road to that system.

Now on to more spanko related items.

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I’ll Muse For A Second

Posted in Article with tags on March 15, 2010 by Radagast

The sexy schoolgirl is a part of the consciousness of this fetish. However, there are a sizable number who would see a more innocent look as being “authentically” a spanking fetish trope than the sexy which is more garden variety porn (although my porny thoughts are anything but “garden variety”). Is there a male equivalent to the schoolgirl? Is it the hot and authoritative teacher? That isn’t really the same thing because it flips the orientation around making the object of desire a top rather than a bottom. Is it the schoolboy, authentic or otherwise?

Knowing a little bit about spanking fetish porn, I tend to notice certain running themes. The ones featuring male tops and female bottoms tend to make the discipline very traditional (there are exceptions, of course) with the nudity reserved to uncovering the bottom. The dialogue tends to stick within the roles and rarely involves any sort of humiliation beyond that which is part of the role play itself. Perhaps I have not seen enough female top videos but the ones I’ve seen seem not to stick to this formula much. I often see men stripped completely nude with dialogue and harshness of discipline that feels like something outside of what “should” be happening.

Am I missing something in my observation? I’m sure folks can come up with examples that refute my argument but I’m talking an overall view. Are female top videos more along the lines of larger BDSM themes than merely spanking fetish?

Safe Words Are My Friends

Posted in Article with tags on March 8, 2010 by Radagast

Something happened recently. I was playing with a person I’d played with on numerous occasions when while using a strap or belt, I went a little high. By way of explanation, it was in a dark corner of Paddles and I misjudged the distance — it happens. What surprised me was that the person I was playing with felt the need later on to apologize for saying “Red” as if there was something wrong with that. It could not be further from the truth.

Safe words exist for a reason. Period. They are there for the safety of the person on the receiving end of things and because there may be no other way for the Top to realize the other person is in some state of distress. The fact is that I don’t consider safe words an insult to me — as if the person I’m playing with is telling me that I’m not good at what I’m doing. I may kind of know what I’m doing most of the time but there are slip-ups like the one mentioned above. Again, it happens. It also happens that at any particular moment, I may be out of sync with the person I’m playing with even though each of us may know the other person’s style and approach to play. Safe words work in this regard because they help me step back a bit and perhaps rework what we’re doing before carrying-on.

Unless it’s a completely headspace destroying moment, I can often pick up where I left off without much of a problem. It’s sort of like a director saying “Cut” before moving the cameras for the next shot. You keep the moment alive in your head and wait for the word “Action”.