The Weekend Updated

My wife, Sandy (or Cassandra as she is also known) did her first video shoot for Punished Brats yesterday. From what I understand, all went well. I look forward to seeing these scenes for the bonus reason that I have a thing for female spanks female videos. I also have a thing for female spanks male videos and male spanks male videos. The only thing I don’t really watch a lot of is male spanks female — that I like to participate in rather than watch.

There was a party last night hosted by MSA (Manhattan Spanking Association) which I had planned on attending but unfortunately, vanilla life gets in the way. One of our cats is ill and it’s quite possible that this is it. It’s very difficult for me to go through this only a couple of months past my mother’s death and a little over a year after my brother passed away. I was never a big pet owner other than a brief period in my early teens when my family had a dog. We had to put that dog down because of a head injury he sustained falling down the stairs that gave him something akin to epilepsy. So I went about 35 years between having a dog and then being the adopted owner of my wife’s two cats. I was never a cat person but have grown to like them and especially these two. It’s difficult to think about letting go because of the empty space it leaves in my life — one more empty space. We will make the proper decision whatever it is but that does not make it any easier to palate.

It’s tough to write about the spanking scene or BDSM or any of this crap at the moment but I will try in a few days. Thanks for listening.


6 Responses to “The Weekend Updated”

  1. Totally agree about M/F videos boring you. I never watch em, unless its one I’ve made myself. Give me F/F, F/M, M/M, but I get nothing from M/F.

  2. sorry to hear about your beloved cat, hope all turns out well. Its so hard to see loved ones suffer.
    hugs loretta

  3. Sorry about your loss, man.

  4. Totally love M/F videos – don’t give a hoot about the rest…but would love to see your lovely wife in action on film…and you too, for that matter.

    I feel your pain about the cat – we had two of them, and they both died within 17 months of one another. The first one died of illness – the second of a broken heart. They had been pals for 13 years. Please accept my sympathy.

    Hugs to you both,


  5. I never thought I was a cat person either, but the little furballs have a nasty way of insinuating themselves into your heart. I’m sorry for your sadness, but the pain involving something you love is somehow so sweet and somehow so much better than not knowing how it feels. That whole “better to have loved and lost … ” thing.

    Re Sandy’s video, I had the pleasure of witnessing an amazing episode involving Sandy and a young woman, and it was impressive. I’m sure her work was an asset to Punished Brats.

  6. […] A nice interview with Allison Miller I for one think The Spanking Universe is great Tied for the Paddle An OTK Spanking Umm… No Rad on his wife’s first Spanking with Punished Brats.  Also My condolences Unfortunately I am… […]

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