OTK Night Is On (Now With Update)

It’s not going to snow that much in NYC today as far as the people making the forecasts are concerned. The radar map doesn’t look too bad either. So it seems our friends to the south, especially in the Baltimore, D.C. and Pennsylvania areas took it on the chin for us here in New York. I just want to acknowledge that point and say, “Thanks”.

OTK Night and the munch that precedes it are on for tonight — a couple of inches of snow (maybe) are not going to get in our way. I’m bringing a couple of items for a door-prize raffle — DVDs and such. I ask that no one bring their own stuff to add to it but we will have a sort of swap-meet in the future some time. The only stipulation for tonight is that even though the tickets will be handed out at the munch, the actual raffle will take place at Paddles around 8pm.

I ask spankos in the NYC vicinity to come out tonight and support the new and improved Paddles — feel free to meet us at the Moonstruck Diner (on 23rd St. and 9th Av.) at 5:30pm to break bread. As always, we will be in the back room conveniently near the toilets.


Well, the munch had a medium sized crowd but it was a lively one — people sitting around talking and having a good time. No introverts on this night. Did meet a lovely chap who I think was at his first munch — a gregarious fellow and a Mets fan (so points for that). The club could have had a bigger showing but it’s possible that a combination of snow outside of the city and the cold weather kept people home. Unfortunate.

Paddles really has gone out of its way to spruce up it’s decor and reduce the alleged “creep” factor so really that is less of an excuse (in my humble opinion, of course). One of the things I’m going to broach to Michael is the possibility of making OTK Night every other month instead of every month. Maybe it would have a more special feel if it was rarer.


2 Responses to “OTK Night Is On (Now With Update)”

  1. We had 10 inches of snow where I live in PA, so going out was pretty much out of the question for me. I am eager to finally attend a munch under the new “directors” and to see the new and improved club decor…the last few times I was there for OTK night, it really seemed on it’s last legs. Glad to know that isn’t the case anymore. Hope to see you next month.

  2. OTK Night every other month is an interesting thought, and it might be just what is needed. Sometimes you need to back off a little in order to move forward again.

    It was nice seeing you last night, as usual! šŸ™‚

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