Franklin Spanks Computer

Edison? Maybe Tesla? Anyway, I’ve just spent a lovely week digging my way out of the wreckage left by a dead computer.

My previous laptop, bought from a company that is a four letter word beginning with “A”, decided to have its motherboard fry itself. I’m not sure what I did but I have an inkling that I may have overworked it by trying to run a program that overheated the old thing so much that it said “bye”. There’s nothing worse than that sinking feeling you get when a computer shuts down spontaneously and refuses to start up no matter what you do. After a little bit of online research, I quickly figured out the problem was not a faulty battery or power supply and realized the worst had happened. The computer itself is no big deal because one can go out and buy a computer with little effort or cost these days. The trouble is always the data that one had stored on the dead unit and whether it can ever be retrieved. Luckily in my old age, I’ve gotten a lot wiser about computers and less panicked when things go wrong.

I bought a computer (this time a four letter word beginning with “D”) and set about learning to use it while I researched what to do about my old data. I bought an enclosure for the hard drive in the old computer and after playing with the tiniest screws I’ve ever seen, was able to hook it up to the new laptop via USB and voila — I had all my data plus the added bonus of a new external 120 gig drive.

Now that I’m in the process of learning Windows 7 after years of using XP (no Vista for me), I can finally get back to my daily computer routines.


One Response to “Franklin Spanks Computer”

  1. I’ve heard Toshiba’s are good computers. I’ve got a four lettered “A” computer as well that fried itself last year but was thankfully still under an extended student warranty. But I have Vista….seems to do the job for me pretty well although I might try Windows 7 if my friend can help out with it.

    Losing all the stuff on a computer sucks though. I lost a 12 page paper that way….

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