Is Anyone Else Bored?

After weeks of intense spanking and BDSM discussions, arguments, conferences, engagements and acts, I find myself so bored with it all that I can’t think of anything to write that’s related to spanking. Honestly, right now I’m more excited that  that Star Trek® Online is going to start up in February giving me the chance to live, explore and battle in one of my favorite settings (not that I’ll have the money for the monthly fee). But spanking related discussion? Right now, not so much.

It might just be burnout or a brief respite from the spanko grind. My mind has been on other things of late, especially the daily creative work I do at my job. I am currently in a pretty good creative spurt and my energy seems to be focused on that. It’s not that I’m suddenly uninterested in spanking — not true. I still enjoy doing it and playing with people it’s just that the idea of writing about it seems, I don’t know, dull right now.

Party this weekend so at least I’ll get to actually do instead of merely talk. I’ll be in a spanking mood so all comers will be accommodated. You might have to talk Star Trek® with me but that’s the psychic price you’ll have to pay. Maybe I’ll have something to write about afterwards.


6 Responses to “Is Anyone Else Bored?”

  1. Wow, people must be bored! Too bored to even say they’re bored. Hey listen, I’m enough of a Star Trek geek to be interested in whatever you posted about that, if you want to fill the void …

  2. I actually have been tired of all the talk because the people who care said their piece and now it’s just the whiners.

  3. Must have missed the memo on the Star Trek requirement; is a picture of me in Kirk’s chair worth 1000 words on the subject?

  4. Hey, I’ve got that same picture … me in Kirk’s chair. No idea where it is, but I think it was taken at the Smithsonian many years ago. I think having two is definitely worth at least SOME words on the subject, Rad.

  5. Now we’re rolling! Mine came from the San Jose Tech Museum (where the Chair is currently visiting). The console board with Spock’s viewer is installed over the Chair’s LEFT shoulder instead of the right, presumably to keep the grasping paws of other nerds (and the rest of their bodies) out of the pictures being taken of guys like me sitting in the Chair. This annoyed me to a surprising degree (even though the Chair without the rest of the bridge would previously have pleased me mightily) — what does this all mean?

  6. it means you’re a nerd of the highest order.

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