Perfect Beginnings

A great time was had for New Year’s Eve/Day — a wonderful time filled with friends, food, laughter, Jib Jab and odd conversational twists that often ended up on fecal matters. The latter was probably my fault as I tend to lack any sort of filter or even a shred of human decency. This will not change in 2010 as it would require a complete shift in personality — I’m just too in love with myself to do that to myself.

I try not to be melancholy especially when a new year rolls over but it’s tough not to think of the fact that my family, all those people I spent decades with, are all gone. It’s a sad and lonely thing because it’s different than just being estranged — something I was for a good chunk of my adulthood. Unfortunately, now there is no more time for repairing bridges that are gone. All I have left are memories and I’m satisfied with that — I have to be.

One thing that the past twenty-four hours impressed upon me more than ever is the “family” I have discovered during my time in the scene. I not only have a wife and best friend because of it, I have a large but intimate group of folks in my circle that feel more like family than friends. The stresses of 2009 did a lot to suck the life out of me and cause me to lose sight of that fact. Now that a new year is finally here, I am happy that I was reminded in such a personal way exactly what this community has enriched me with.

Every person that I was fortunate to spent some time with last night and this morning are special people, there’s no two ways about that. I feel privileged to know them and honored that they would include me in their fun. From stressed to blessed — I’ll take it.


6 Responses to “Perfect Beginnings”

  1. misstorid Says:

    From stressed to blessed — I’ll take it.


  2., that will probably stay with me for a lifetime, lol, what a riot.

  3. It was a great time, fun and laughs by all. Thank you guys for helping kick off a GREAT 2010. Looking forward to many, many more great times throughout the year!!!!!!

  4. It was the best New Year I have ever had. Spending the last hours of the year with good people I care about was really awesome.

    Hearing poor Pixie get spanked at bedtime was a highlight, along with all the great spankings I got 🙂

  5. It’s was hands down one of the best NYE’s for me as well. I looked around the room and I had the same thoughts as you Rad…how fourtunate we all are to have each other. Who says you can’t choose family? was quite a discussion…and Pixie’s bedtime spanking was too close for comfort….next year I’m couching it with you Marie!

  6. Once and for all, it’s Piss Canings!

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