Snow Day Writers Block

They are predicting the end of the world on every weather report today. It’s the kind of day weather reporters love (and I know a couple of them personally) because they are suddenly the most important “go to” person on the local news. They can spew all the jargon and put on their most urgent tone as they talk about precipitation the way Edward R. Murrow gave reports during the London Blitz. For me, it means that it’s the best time to sit down and write. Unfortunately, all I can think of now is getting back to my game of Divine Divinity – a computer role-playing game that is challenging yet has a stupid name.

My writers block comes in weird spurts. There are times when I can’t think of any fiction to write and times when I can’t think of anything non-fictional or memoir-style to write. I love to sit down and bang out fiction and have done it since I was in junior high school. Most of my work, even back then, was in the “erotic” genre. Actually, it was porn, plain and simple. Stroke fiction just to get me hot and bothered enough to finish it off in real life (and in those days, it didn’t take much to get me off). Sometimes I’ll sit down and want to write a spanking story but nothing comes out. I have an idea in my head but it bores me to tears. Not another schoolgirl/daughter/niece/barrista or whatever, I think to myself. I just can’t do it. When I do write a story like that, it tends to be a chore and I struggle not to yawn while typing away.

I think I’ve just read too much of that stuff and everything comes across as the same to me now. Back when my only itch scratching came from the Usenet and A.S.S./S.S.S., I got my fill of such stories to the point where I find I can’t read anything like that anymore. Writing it is even worse because I see it as nothing but clichéd hack work. The fiction I do enjoy writing which is often just for me tends to be much more extreme than spanking fiction. What I call my Lesbians In Space series of stories (about 30 of them now) are science fictional in nature with elements of BDSM, slavery and violence — lots of the latter. There is an entire history that I’ve created for the world the stories are in that starts in the Nineteenth Century and goes forward about 4000 years. Heck, the world building has been the biggest fun of these stories. The fact that few if any folks have seen these stories is not a problem for me, I have enjoyed writing them and noticed that my writing got a lot better from the earliest ones to the most recent. I’ve used them as writing exercises and have enjoyed that aspect of it. It sometimes seems a waste of effort not to post them some place for public consumption but I’m a little embarrassed about the quality and melodramatic nature of those tales.

The other sort of stories I enjoy writing and ones that may actually be published some day are the typical “kidnapped and sold into slavery” stories that have been popular since Victorian times. I love stories like that where a man or woman goes from resistance to acceptance during the course of a story. Certainly it asks the reader to suspend their sense of disbelief (and human decency) but those kinds of stories, full of sexuality and punitive violence, really get me going. Sure, I like to watch schoolgirl-gets-punished videos on occasion but my own fiction writing does not really match that style — I like things a bit more evil.

So here I am, thinking of writing (or playing computer games). What to write and where to publish it — that’s the question.


3 Responses to “Snow Day Writers Block”

  1. I write erotic fiction too..and lately have been feeling the same way. Writer’s block. Snippets of story ideas come to me..and are normally in the same genre.. and I hate feeling almost ‘bored’ from what can seem like the same old recycled ‘jargon’ in every story. I mean.. how many ways can I SAY ; ” and the little girl waited, petulantly pouting..kicking her heels on her bedroom wall, whilst waiting for Daddy to ascend the stairs..her well earned punishment scant moments away…” ?

    I just can’t seem to dip my toe into the realm of science fiction.

    Happy snow day. Only about 3 inches here..hardly a white apocolypse..but yeah, it definitely makes the weathermen the guys people love to hate…

    • I don’t always write science fiction or fantasy but sometimes just feel like writing something pulpy. It also lets me get a bit “out there” with settings and concept.

  2. I have a lot of fantasies that I construct in my mind, but I think untreated ADD is the reason I don’t write them down. I can’t sit and focus on one story long enough to not only get it down, but not forget it by the time I come back to work on it if I take a break.

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