Party Play Thoughts

A recent Twitter conversation has prompted me to return to this topic. I’m certain I’ve written about it before but I’m too lazy to link to that earlier post and not doing so allows me to completely contradict what I said then with impunity.

I like playing at parties. I admit that fully and freely. I also like playing one on one with people. I also like playing in front of a crowd or a camera. I don’t really play a lot when I do go to parties but that varies depending on the mix of the crowd and my mood. There are times when I will not play at all because I just don’t feel like it. There are other times when there are a rather large number of people at a party with whom I’d like to play — both people I’ve enjoyed playing with in the past and others I’ve wanted to play with but not had the opportunity. It’s times like that when parties get hectic especially the one day parties of a few hours duration. It’s a mixed bag — times I play a lot and times I hardly play. The one constant is that I’m there to have fun and that’s what often happens regardless of the quantity of my spanking scenes.

One of the things that parties often do not offer is a deeper or more significant kind of play. Yes, I’ve had pretty intense experiences at Shadow Lane or FMS but those are longer parties with plenty of private space to really stretch out into a good scene. Role play is better there or in private than it is at a party where a hundred other people are just a few feet away. The fact is that I’m really not going to parties to have deep, life affirming experiences — I’m going to have a good time and meet people. Maybe someone I meet will be part of a more complex and satisfying scene at some later date but chances are that’s not really going to happen then and there.

It’s not the be all and end all of my love for spanking but there are times when merely having fun is enough especially when it breaks the ice. Unless I play with someone at least somewhat casually, how am I going to know if there is an ounce of compatibility for other things like a nice deep and involved role play scene. Gotta click on some basic level first and party play or interaction provides the perfect platform for it.

My only issue with parties is that I have to learn to say “no” every so often. Still not there with that yet.


3 Responses to “Party Play Thoughts”

  1. General Sassiness Says:

    I agree-I can only think of a handfull of times when the “intro” spanking turned into something much deeper and more intense. It was not planned that way, but what a treat! There is a time and place for all “types” of spankings…

  2. Parties for me are for the socializing mostly. I tend not to play with new people I have never talked to before unless they’re well known by friends or something. Basically, I go to parties if there’s someone I like to play with, if not, I go to socialize.

  3. NYIrishRed Says:

    I also see parties as an opportunity to meet new people, and to have a bit of “intro” play with people I don’t really know. It’s a rarity for me to indulge in anything deeper or more meaningful unless I know the person I’m playing with, but how does one develope that sort of relationship in 20 minutes or less? Parties are mostly for socializing, and for testing the waters. I definitely don’t mind those fun spankings, the ones that break the ice. I think they are integral to developing a deeper, intimate play.

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