Just A Quick Thought

I know this should be a solemn time for reflection on a personal loss but something just popped into my head that has me somewhat perplexed. So before I get back to grieving, I’ll leave you with this.

Why is it that the same people who would engage in finger fucking after spanking consider kissing a more intimate act? This completely undermines the whole notion of getting from First Base to Second and Third Base and ultimately Hitting a Home Run. Let me get this straight — finger fucking is less intimate than kissing? Having a part of another person invade your intimate areas is akin to a peck on the cheek compared with lips touching lips. There’s something a bit upside down here and I’m determined to figure out why that is.

OK, I’m going back to my death in the family now.


9 Responses to “Just A Quick Thought”

  1. Your blogs never fail to amaze me. I ought to be nodding off but “finger fucking” and “invading intimate areas” are going to keep my imagination going for a while…

    Personally? Two different kinds of intimate. Again, personally, I would, or have, kissed every person I’ve let “invade” my “intimate areas”…but just because I would doesn’t mean they’d be comfortable with it…one is two very open and well…wet…parts of the body making contact whereas the other is a “safer” hand plus intimate area…

    What a conundrum…

  2. Hey Rad,

    I actually have an answer for you! Two, actually!

    1.) Putting your face up close to someone else’s face is deeply, profoundly intimate. At the least, you have to experience your partner as another person. But if, say, you’re bent over, getting finger-banged from behind, you can close your eyes and be in any situation you like, and the person doing the work can be anything from Brad Pitt to a tentacle monster. In that was it *is* less intimate.

    2.) People who know a bit about STD transmission might point out that you can transmit a number of things like both oral *and* genital herpes when you passionately tongue-wrestle.

    Of course, while it is true that you have that STD exposure risk, those people pointing such things out might not know that you can get herpes on your hand (really! It’s known as a dentist’s disease. Well, that and some lesbians who’ve been around a few blocks!), so in the end, the STD risk is slightly more for kissing, but not negligible for the digital invasion (which sounds like the tentacle monster fantasy to me!) of someone’s pink bits.

    Goodness, I hope I don’t bring Marie down with that! Ignore the last bit, Marie. and get back to your imagination! 😉

  3. I’m sort of all over the place now what with Brad Pitt finger banging a tentacle monster from behind…

  4. Rad and Sandy, please accept our condolenses on your loss. Especially painful at this time of year.
    Joe and loretta

  5. I’m sorry for your loss. Keep connected to your friends …

  6. otk_spanko Says:

    Rad, I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you. See you soon.

    Best wishes,

  7. “Pretty Woman” – Julia Roberts taught me that kissing on the mouth was more intimate than any other sexual act, well before I learned about “bases”.

    @Zille – Your answers actually make sense to me, if it were something I thought through that much. But for me, the idea comes from a movie that I clearly saw too often as a kid.

  8. Rad, I’m so sorry for your loss. Please know you’re in my thoughts & prayers.

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