A Party Weekend Has Come and Gone

The SSNY party and the Paddles OTK Night. Two nights, two events, the New York scene in full bloom.

I needed this weekend in a big way. My job is quite stressful especially at this time of year and the situation with my mother has gotten dire. The need to just let loose and have some fun was percolating inside me for quite a while looking for a release and this past weekend provided it.

Friday evening marked the first anniversary of SSNY. Having been to the party last December, it was obvious right from the beginning that the group and its parties were going to be a success. This year’s edition of the Holiday Bash was merely solidified that success by providing over a hundred people a chance to play, mingle and shed the vanilla stresses of life for a few hours. As usual, Jules, Mike and Co. provided lots of space to play — more than ever by my count. The common area for mingling got a little tight because of it but I didn’t see any people complaining about the chance to talk to their fellow party-goers in close proximity. I didn’t play as much as I could have but enjoyed myself greatly. Sometimes it’s an exercise in unwinding to be around other kinksters even if I’m only engaged in conversation.

I love these parties and want to remind folks of the obvious banner on the front page of this blog announcing and linking to the SSNY “Boardwalk Badness Weekend” which already looks to be one of those spanko “events” that people talk about. Click on the link, fill out an application and get it going. I must state that I am not paid by the SSNY in any way to make this endorsement — it comes from enthusiasm and from my desire for that party weekend to be hopping in every way.

Saturday arrived with what’s becoming another tradition of sorts, Sandy’s Morning Brunch, organized by my lovely wife. It was a rainy/snowy day in New York, the first real day that said, “Winter is coming”. Twenty-four brave and hungry souls showed up to enjoy a very good meal from a surprisingly diverse fixed price menu. Aside from the excellent Mexican American food was the fact that we were provided with our own room, allowing normal conversation without the ears of the non-kinky nearby. A nice restaurant, nice meal and good company. Can’t go wrong with that.

A side trip to NYC Leatherman for kinky browsing and purchases. We saw a gorgeous leather wrapped cane which we bought as a belated wedding gift for a couple of friends that were in town for the party. I like it so much that I bought myself one to add to my arsenal of evil. Perhaps we should not have gone over to Union Square because the walk to the Moonstruck Diner was just plain cold and wet. I’m surprised I didn’t catch a cold. A decent if not overly large crowd showed up for the OTK Night Munch and that led to another less wet walk over to the club.

I’ve written about OTK Night before so nothing really new to add about how much fun it was. The thing I have to say is that I’ve noticed a lot of the little improvements to the club over the past few months. New and repaired furniture. The stage area has been greatly improved with rubbing padding and a “scaffold” for suspension play. New fixtures in the men’s room (which were needed) and a rearranging of some of the space to make it less cramped in certain nooks and areas. It’s also the simple things: A display that projected a kaleidoscope of green pinpoints of light that were constantly shifting on the wall across from the bar. Nothing fancy but it was a cool effect.

I’m glad to see that they’re making a real go of it to improve the space. For kinky people like me, Paddles is something that is needed and a part of my scene life — I would hate to see it go.

A great weekend and we still have the next MSA party to look forward to. Reports of the scene’s demise were greatly exaggerated.


5 Responses to “A Party Weekend Has Come and Gone”

  1. Sounds awesome, Rad. Glad you got a much needed break from RL stresses, too.

  2. Definitely sounds awesome – Rad…sorry I missed it all.

  3. I needed this weekend in the worst way and it turned out to be exactly what I had needed. Between the relaxed social atmosphere of SSNY, the friendly brunch, and OTK night (ok, and even the soggy, COLD walk to the Moonstruck) it was pretty incredible.

    And I’ve got some delightful little marks to take me through the week until MSA 😀

  4. The weekend was truly a blast both the SSNY party and OTK at Paddles. I love hanging out with all my Kinko friends (despite the weather on Saturday). Just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful “session” at Pladdles. It was JUST what I needed.

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