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2009 Can Suck It

Posted in Article with tags , on December 31, 2009 by Radagast

A damnable year filled with tragedy, angst and stress in my life — I’m very glad to see it go. If they ever invent a time machine, I hope they leave 2009 off the dial on principle alone. It’s certainly not true that everything was bad this year because there were many good things too. However, I have to say that overall, 2009 was encrusted in enough crap to taint it in my eyes.

I hope for better in 2010 and always see this time of year as a rebirth. I’ve been thinking a lot about renewal especially at the end of the year. I probably have mentioned before that the stress in my life has gotten bad enough for me to finally seek out a therapist to help me put things in perspective. It’s hard to say if it’s working but I slowly am starting to feel more comfortable with not only myself but also dealing with things around me in a way that doesn’t want to make me run off in one direction until I hit an ocean or one of the poles.

So here’s to 2010. No resolutions other than to be satisfied being me. Good enough.


Some Paddles Miscellanea

Posted in Article with tags , , on December 29, 2009 by Radagast

The Paddles OTK Night is this coming Saturday with the munch before hand. I only mention that in passing because I want to talk about something else. After a nice dinner with kinky friends last Saturday, the wife and I decided to spend a little time at Paddles. We played together which is always a good experience but then she went off to deal with her male sub admirers. This is usually the time when I’ll pick a spot in one of the booths and just hang out drinking Diet Pepsi and watching the videos they have playing. Didn’t work out that way.

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Regarding Language and Abuse

Posted in Article with tags , on December 26, 2009 by Radagast

I recently wrote about my use of language and cursing when I’m in the midst of a scene. The use of the word fuck is easy for me to fit within the context of a scene. However, other words and their use within a scene sometimes make me uncomfortable.

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Put Obligatory Christmas Message Here

Posted in Article with tags on December 24, 2009 by Radagast

Santa for some. Three Wise Men for others. Maxing out credit cards for everyone except the ones fortunate enough to be rich (which I am not). At this festive time of year, it is more than usually desirable that we should make some slight provision making believe that we all like each other. This is more than difficult at the workplace where people who have treated you like chattel decide that handshakes and holiday wishes on one day gloss over the other 364.

Holidays always seem to permeate the vanilla aspects of life. For some reason, kinkiness and Christmas seem not to go together although I’m not quite sure why. Christmas is full of carols, wreaths, lights and joy as well as reverence for those who believe that the birth of single child was the strike of a bright bell that continues to ring through history. I think the weight of 2000 years and my personal experiences with the religion that celebrates the day have forever given this holiday a slight tint that my current thoughts can’t wash away. I don’t know whether that’s a good or bad thing but I accept it for what it is whether I like it or not.

Be that as it may, I wish all of you who celebrate such things a Merry Christmas filled with food, family and fun.


Posted in Article with tags , , , on December 21, 2009 by Radagast

I curse. Admittedly, I curse a lot. When I’m angry I curse even more. If there are seven dirty words you can’t say on television or radio, I often use ten of them. I’ve been known to string curses together into long eardrum-searing sentences of ire. Sometimes when I’m playing, it just comes out that way too.

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Snow Day Writers Block

Posted in Article with tags on December 19, 2009 by Radagast

They are predicting the end of the world on every weather report today. It’s the kind of day weather reporters love (and I know a couple of them personally) because they are suddenly the most important “go to” person on the local news. They can spew all the jargon and put on their most urgent tone as they talk about precipitation the way Edward R. Murrow gave reports during the London Blitz. For me, it means that it’s the best time to sit down and write. Unfortunately, all I can think of now is getting back to my game of Divine Divinity – a computer role-playing game that is challenging yet has a stupid name.

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Party Play Thoughts

Posted in Article with tags on December 16, 2009 by Radagast

A recent Twitter conversation has prompted me to return to this topic. I’m certain I’ve written about it before but I’m too lazy to link to that earlier post and not doing so allows me to completely contradict what I said then with impunity.

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