MSA Spanksgiving Party

I’d like to apologize for writing something on topic </snark> Great party the other night thrown by the Manhattan Spanking Association — accent on the “ass” in “association”.

First of all, I’ll cut to the chase and mention that MSA is now hosting their parties in a new, much bigger location. The space was excellent especially the common room where people could gather and socialize — a much better situation than the cramped quarters in the old location. The parties there were good but the better digs kicks it up a notch. Other than the common room, there was a nice kitchen area which puts the food and drink in one place and much easier to keep from toppling over onto the floor or on a spanking bench. The party area is also divided among two floors with most of the play rooms on the lower floor, giving it that extra bit of privacy from the noise and music of the socializing party goers.

The best thing is that the rooms still have that privacy that the old place had — rooms, comfortably furnished, with doors that close. A decent amount of privacy for a spanking party. I’m probably waxing poetic but it was the best MSA party yet thrown and makes me look forward to the next one in December.

Next up will be the SSNY Anniversary Party — one year and counting. This will be followed by OTK Night at Paddles the next evening (don’t forget the munch that takes place before it). Hopefully the spanks will continue through the holiday season because it tends to get depressingly vanilla this time of year.


One Response to “MSA Spanksgiving Party”

  1. I loved the new MSA location, it felt far more like a social gathering and more open and welcoming without forcing people to be so close to each other. It was a lot of fun! Can’t wait for SSNY either, I anticipate a large crowd.

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