I Apologize To All Involved

There is an old proverb, attributed to Samuel Johnson (although probably much older), that says, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. In an attempt to be neutral in a particular disagreement, I find that I have only fanned the flames in my attempt to provide a platform for discussion. However, this is not what I apologize for.

My apology comes from the fact that I allowed myself to make a decision about the blog post entitled “Switzerland” (now removed from public view) due to a momentary annoyance which I should have let pass quietly. This sort of annoyance on my part is nothing but a character flaw and one that I struggle with. In this case, I took an innocent comment personally and perceived that someone was trying to tell me what to do in what I saw as “my house” — namely, this blog. Although the person who made the comment did not do so with malicious intent, I took it the wrong way and bristled — a kneejerk reaction and one I regret. I reneged on a promise because of that and I fear made matters worse than they would have been had I left things well enough alone. For this, I apologize.

To those who commented and now find that their comments are gone, I apologize to you profusely. The blame is mine alone.


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