Damn Those Celebrity Spankos

Ooh, look! We’re being mainstreamed by Hollywood celebs that are into spanking. Feh and double-feh on that.

Yes, I know it’s very exciting to see a spanking scene in a movie that doesn’t play it for laughs. I know it’s exciting to open up some tabloid paper and read about the latest celeb who admits to liking a spanking every so often or who is outed due to circumstances beyond their control. Lots of spankos feel as if we’re entering society and any minute now the state of Vermont will pass a law making it legal for spankos to get married.

The truth is that what I love most about my kink, especially the spanking kink, is that it’s mine and mine alone. I’m not saying I’m the only practitioner of it or some sort of central figure, just that my own brand of it is uniquely mine and enjoyed for that reason. I have no need for it to be “mainstream” because to me that merely means that which I enjoy becomes infected by the vanilla world which I merely tolerate. Spanking is the outlet for the deepest and most real party of my sexuality and I really don’t like the idea of it becoming a trend or hip. The last thing I need is some hipster couple thinking it’s all so exciting as they stumble like china shop bulls through the scene because someone decided to mainstream us. No thanks.

On a side note, I know that the tabloids have been full of stories regarding some J-Lo sex tape that she made with her husband some years back. It’s said that it includes a spanking which leads me to the conclusion that the talented Ms. Lopez enjoys what we enjoy. That said, I imagine it must be terrible difficult for someone like Jennifer Lopez to engage in her kink for fear that her exploits will make the paper, that’s why I’m officially offering my services to J-Lo.

Sure, I know what people are thinking — Rad, you perverted little bastard. Very true but beside the point. I am a spanko through and through. It’s what I like and what I’m good at — ask anyone, I have references, I’ve done videos. The fact is that J-Lo needs discretion and I can provide it. I don’t need to run to some tabloid just to make a buck off the fact that I spanked Jennifer Lopez (potentially) — I’d be in it for one reason, to enjoy spanking Jennifer Lopez. Case closed. No other reason or renumeration needed. Sure, I’m not the best looking guy in the world but I’m not a monster either. Besides, I’m talking about spanking here not anything else — she’s got plenty of boy-toy hangers on for all that other stuff.

So, I’m putting it out there. Next time Jenny is on the block, she’s free to contact me for some discreet yet unwholesome fun at radagast333@gmail.com

As always, no pressure — just saying.


2 Responses to “Damn Those Celebrity Spankos”

  1. Very cute blog entry. I agree with you that the most titillating aspect of being INTO this is the idea that we spankos ‘sorta’ have a lock on it. It’s secret, private, taboo in a yummy way. ( sorry for the lame word there) .
    Mainstreamers make such a big deal if some celeb.. or Kate Gosselin ( kidding..eww) accepts ( or SHOULD!) a random slap on the ass every now and again. I would wager that, for the most part, VERY few celebs are the true students, scientists, or connoiseurs in the art that IS spanking . I feel that Hollywood still does play it for laughs..when it comes to this kink. ( or kink in general)

    …hell, I bristled at Secretary being deemed ” a black comedy”. Very well made points. Is anyone gonna warn J-Lo?

  2. timmerbedrijf…

    […]Damn Those Celebrity Spankos « Radspace[…]…

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