An Interesting Night At Paddles

All in all, a very good evening — exactly what a fun night at the club is all about. Uh…barring one incident that had the potential of being worse than it ended up.

Sandy went off to play with a new fellow who gave the appearance of being a Dom. A bit comical in demeanor due to his “cool guy” costume but, hey, everyone is wearing a costume of some sort in that place. I don’t know how experienced he was but he seemed to have a very dominant nature and was sure of himself when playing. No problem. However, at one point up on the stage, he tried to do some sort of “pick the girl up” maneuver to put Sandy over his upraised knee. Unfortunately, his acrobatic skills were less than gold medal level (maybe paper medal) and they kind of fell over — loudly. I walked over to where they were to check on her and see if she needed my help but was informed by Sandy that she was fine and that it had been an accident. She had a couple of nasty scrapes from landing funny but nothing more serious. I did wonder if I should have stepped in and stopped the proceedings right then and there but I often leave these decisions to Sandy because I respect the years she’s been in the scene and her judgment about who she does and doesn’t play with.

Other than that hiccup, it was a fun night. Not a huge crowd but a healthy sized group of people all having their own kind of fun. I saw a good number of new people of all ages and a surprising number of people, both men and women, that I would consider attractive. Not bad for an OTK Night that started out with slightly low attendance at the munch. There was a pretty good vibe last night at the club — laid back and relaxed rather than anxious. People were there to play or to observe and seemed to do plenty of both as well as socialize which is a big part of the fun.

I also noticed a few signs up regarding upcoming renovations so stay tuned for that. I have to say that I have noticed the play furniture (benches and such) as being a lot sturdier and cleaner than every before. The stage area has also been redone with a “scaffold” that makes suspension and bondage a little easier and easier for others to watch. I won’t say that these improvements have not been a long time in coming but it seems that an incremental change is under way.


3 Responses to “An Interesting Night At Paddles”

  1. Rob of NYC Says:


    Glad to hear they are “improving” Paddles and the crowds are becoming more evenly m/f. I have only been their twice and had no intention of going back. I may give another couple of tries.

    The munch though small was interesting, as usual. I wanted to ask again about the program for converting files to varying formats.

    Thank you.


  2. I wrote on my blog last night about this incident where I fell. I felt rather foolish about the whole thing, and told Rad yesterday that I should have stopped playing with the guy. I felt that since I wasn’t injured seriously, we could continue after a break.

    To Rob: Paddles may never be evenly mixed. There will likely always be more men than women who go out and do public play. I think it tends to be more evenly mixed, however, if you remove all the creepy wankers.

  3. Not to jump the gun, but do you guys know if OTK night in January will be the 2nd or the 9th? Inquiring (and planning ahead) minds want to know.

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