OTK Night On Saturday

First of all, some business. Sandy and I will be hosting the munch once again at the Moonstruck Diner — on the SW corner of 23rd St and 9th Ave in Manhattan. It starts at 5:30pm and goes to about 7pm when most of us walk over to Paddles (on 26th St. just east of 8th Ave). We meet in the back room near the restrooms and usually have about 20 or so people show up (give or take a few). You can come to the munch without going to Paddles if you so choose but why waste the discount you get for attending the munch.


The munch is useful if you know how to use it correctly. If I show up and just stare at my plate of chicken fingers, I’m not going to get any tips, pointers nor the opportunity to make friends. That’s why your organizers, Sandy and I, are not just there to call ahead to make sure the back room of a diner is available — we’re there to help those people who are new with advice.

I’ll make this last quick point. There are people who don’t like Paddles and are vocal about that fact. However, every single person who goes there has a different experience. I like the place and my wife does, too. We go there and have fun the way we want to have fun — doing it without worrying how it looks to anyone else. That’s our experience and we’re vocal about that fact as well.


One Response to “OTK Night On Saturday”

  1. I like Paddles too, and am very glad to have met you and Sandy there on a number of occasions. I’m also glad that we had a chance to play…. I miss New York!

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