Not Too Old For This Yet

Maybe the energy level isn’t quite there the way it used to be when I was younger but at least I’m not wasting it like I was back then. Two days, two spanko events at the tail end of angst-filled vanilla days. I’m tired but it’s an atom bomb in the face kind of tired — so it’s manageable.

Friday was one of those workdays where the sheer amount of work just builds and builds to a crescendo that never comes. Like most jobs, it ends with a whimper of incompetence that’s more like a fart than a final chord. However, after work, my wife Sandy, Marie and I were off to a private party which was a combination of just hanging out with good friends and spanking. A lot of fun was had and good food eaten but I have to admit that driving there and back in the wee hours of the morning gets to be a bit much. Going to bed at 4am might have seemed like a good idea when I was in college but it pretty much sucks balls now. I’ll do it if it’s the only way that fun can be had but I should remind myself to take a nap at work so I can refresh myself.

Saturday was a day filled with mother tasks. I won’t go into details about her condition but suffice it to say that she is frail and needs to be taken care of. It would be a draining enterprise in any circumstance but made more so because my mother is so disagreeable about everything. Draining.

It was Halloween so I threw on my priest outfit and off we went to Paddles for the Dom/sub Friends All Hallows Eve bash. As an aside, “Dom/sub Friends” has always seemed like an odd name. It sounds like it would be the title of a kid’s show in Hell…but I digress.

Sandy wore two costumes for the evening: A naughty nurse complete with real enema bag (i.e. That Thing) as a kind of belt and this costume called Texas Hold Em which was a western theme with two plastic hands cupping the breasts as if from behind. Amusing. Right off the bat, Sandy and I had what I consider a pretty good scene with her wrists restrained over her head and me caning and spanking her (among other Dommy sorts of things). It’s always a nice compliment to do a scene like that and have someone come up to us afterwards and say, “That was hot”. Yes it was — and feel free to tell your friends about us.

All in all it was a great party with a particularly funny moment. I’m sitting with Marie at one of the few booths that are at Paddles when a couple sits down across from us. She asks Marie how old she is and gets an answer for that but then asks if I’m her real father. Yes, I thought I would escort my daughter to the club to make sure she’s safe and have her dress up in a schoolgirl outfit as well. By the way, I’m a real priest so if you see me spanking this young woman over my knee somewhere in the club, it’s OK. I’m doing it as part of my fatherly and priestly duties.


9 Responses to “Not Too Old For This Yet”

  1. Not much is “too strange” for Paddles! πŸ™‚

  2. I love the “Are you her father?” question!

    You should have said, “Yes, I was just waiting ’till she was legal to start taking her out to sex clubs – it does validate our taboo love!” [snark]

  3. Everytime I read this, I laugh. It was such a great night, but Sandy was truly distracting with THAT THING around her waist all night!!

    I was jus’ kiddin’ last night, you’re not that old πŸ˜‰ I applaud you for staying up so late two nights in a row and being able to function!

  4. You should have replied to the “real father” question with, “Which do you mean? Her real “father” biological father, or real “father” priest father?” Then quickly added, oh it doesn’t matter, as the answer to both questions is yes.” I wonder what they would have done? πŸ™‚

    Mike P

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  6. kernalgeneral Says:

    Rad, a little off subject, however, we just watched your punished brats video and WOW!!! you were great!!! much better than the other guy who is always on them. (i am at a loss to remember his name right now.)
    Acting is your calling, even if its not a spanking shoot.
    We applaud you.
    Joe and Loretta

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