The Look

Halloween’s tomorrow which means that modern version of Trick or Treating, a Halloween party. Either things have gotten too dangerous for kids to go door to door or parents have seen too many Lifetime movies called, “Bring My Daughter Back: The Brandy Kowalski Story”. For adults there’s no other recourse other than a party. Besides a creepy guy who stands outside of elementary schools, there’s nothing worse than an adult going door to door begging for candy. It’s not just pathetic, it’s anger inducing. If he’s that desperate, wouldn’t he be more productive begging for something other than candy? For kinksters, Halloween means going to parties and dressing up only slightly differently than they would on a non-holiday night.

I’m not sure where this is going but I’m going there after the flip.

I’ve recently gotten good use out of a black suit, black shirt and white collar at a couple of spanking parties. My “coming out” as Father Rad was at Shadow Lane and my second appearance as the Kinky Priest was at the SSNY party a couple of weeks back. Honestly, I like the look. It’s intimidating without being all about leather or a whip hanging from a belt. It’s sort of understated and flamboyant all at the same time. Look at me, I’m a priest — now tremble. That’s what it says. Tomorrow night, I think I’ll break it out for one more outing at Paddles and introduce another set of like-minded mutants to my “godliness”.

For a person that says he doesn’t care, I’m somewhat conscious that I’m offending someone by wearing that outfit. I’m sure there are devout Catholics in the BDSM crowd and I wonder sometimes whether I’m going a touch too far. This is probably the reason I don’t carry a Bible or rosaries as props — the outfit is one thing but that might be one step too much. At one point, I was considering the whole Communion kit thing but giving Communion in a BDSM club might be a tad disruptive and certainly more offensive to the religious. So, priest it is at least one more time before I look for a promotion to Bishop or Cardinal.

Anyone going to Paddles tomorrow night is free to ask a fake priest to hear their confession and spank them as penance. If looking at me gives someone a flashback to some nasty thing that happened to them when they were alter boys then I would just remind that person that it wasn’t me and not to take it out on a guy in a costume. If I was bitten by a rat as a kid, I certainly wouldn’t go to Disney World and beat up Mickey. I know the difference.


4 Responses to “The Look”

  1. The last paragraph made me laugh.

    Despite having no fantasies involving priests or members of the clergy, I like the outfit. It’s fitting for your look, and so contradictory to your personality that it works!

  2. This Catholic womanchild thinks you doing the priest thing is *hot* and fun all at the same time — I loved seeing you in it at SL. A lot of priests I’ve known think of the collar as a sort of costume or drag anyway — there’s a lot of performance that goes in there. And it’s the Catholic girls that have priest fantasies.

    As to the communion thing, you may want to pick up some Necco wafers. I assure you that the kids who grew up Catholic, like me, were given them by our parents whenever we wanted to play “mass.”

  3. I’ve been trying to convince R to dress up like a priest for Halloween, and me a nun (a pregnant one at that)….alas, being a Catholic boy he found mocking the cloth a bit too sacrilegious and putting his eternal soul in danger (not that being divorced and a pervert hasn’t done that already).

    However, he is not one bit offended in watching others risk their soul for a laugh! 😉

    Sounds like a great costume idea!


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