Play Spaces

We needs them.

Let’s say you’re walking down the street and some person catches your eye. You talk and the next thing you know you’re looking at each other both say, “Spanking”. What do you do? Where do you go? One person’s place is next to a pre-school — can’t play there by city ordinance. The other person lives with their mom and a hipster boarder who is always late with his rent check but always finds time to have his scooter waxed — can’t play there either. Hotel? Expensive. Cheap motel near the airport? Beneath you and you’ll probably end up in a voyeur video online unless you cover up those odd holes in the wall across from the bed. Club? No privacy. Face it, your new found spanking acquaintance and any opportunity at fun are now wasted by a distinct lack of anything other than a Starbucks restroom.

Moving right along, let’s say people want to do a role play with all the trappings of a school room. I don’t mean a school room with a giant St. Andrew’s Cross on the far wall. I’m talking authentic. How about a real domestic setting a la a 1950s or perhaps Victorian household? Same goes for medical fetish scenes. Where are you going to find a doctor’s office that looks like a doctor’s office in our world and not like it was designed by Albert Speer in honor of the Nuremberg rallies? The answer to this and many other such questions is “nowhere”.

This is a complete fantasy but having a place like that where people could do elaborate and authentic role play or to use as a set for video shoots would be the top item on my kinky Christmas list. If I was independently wealthy, I probably would go for it. Unfortunately, I’m not even independently poor, I’m dependently destitute. I wonder if I could get a government arts grant to create a “performance space”? Yeah, I’d be using to money to create “community theater” except that in our case, the audience and actors would be limited to a particular group.

I will definitely have to ponder this scam idea further. Hmm, government money to create a play space for spankos. This is smart thinking.


5 Responses to “Play Spaces”

  1. kernalgeneral Says:

    I look forward to hearing what people have to say to this blog, we are with you, there doesn’t seem to be anyplace to just go and play. It gets so frustrating. We’d like to build our own dungeon/play space in the new house, hidden behind a false door, but there are two problems there, one what do you say to the contractor? and two where do you get the extra money to create such a space?. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a space open to the public where they would have different themed rooms for play. You could make them private by closing the door, or just leave it open if you prefer a group. I love the idea of the school house scene, like you say authentic old school style, We attended a party where it was billed as being a school house, and that school would be in session, however, that was not the scene at all. We were disappointed to say the least.
    Love your community theater idea!!!
    Hope your cold is better
    hugs loretta

  2. Ohhh I’m with you on this one. It’s so expensive to rent rooms and stuff. There are porn sets around NYC like there are in LA I am sure, but I bet they’re also expensive.

  3. Theater in the round! 🙂

  4. We’ve pondered making a room in our basement an authentic looking small classroom, with chalkboard and desks, etc etc……we’ve just been slow at basement renovation.

    A few years ago, when we were looking at houses, one house we looked was built in the 1840’s. So many things about its structure was awesome, but the basement — it looked like an old dungeon, with the jutted out stones from the foundation and semi-dirt/rock floor. We both locked eyes when looking at this part of the house and said, “we know what we could make out of THIS room!”

    We’d love a viable and believable “set” as well. Figure we’re gonna have to make our own.


  5. The Fetish Tribe (those who run Suspension) is currently putting together our own playspace down on Church street, something they intend to turn into a kinky coop. Not sure about a schoolroom, but Im bringing my tools down there today to help set up.

    Will be back with news.

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