Sunday Potpourri

Feeling under the weather really sucks the life out of you especially when blogging about a subject that normally gets you excited. There are a few thing percolating in my head that I don’t think I can expand into something larger so will feature them here on a lazy Sunday filled with Z-Packs, prescription strength cough medicine and football (Giants play tonight opposite the Yankees-Angels).

This is the first weekend in nearly a couple of months where I’m not doing any scene related activities. However, it’s out of necessity rather than by choice. Three weeks ago I caught a cold that lasted gave me the official symptoms for exactly one day. Unfortunately, certain symptoms just lasted and lasted until for about a week, I developed a cough that was nearly constant. It got so bad Friday that after work, I went to the ER and told them what was happening. I didn’t know if it was pneumonia or asthma or mesothelioma  or what — all I knew was that I would get into coughing fits so bad that once I started coughing, I could not catch my breath until I forced myself to stop. The ER was good and efficient and something out of a T.V. show complete with unruly patients, police detectives right out of Central Casting and wise-cracking nurses. In the end and three hours later, I found out it was bronchitis and was sent home with a prescription.

I had been planning on perhaps getting together with someone for play over this weekend but that was not to be. Other than the fact that I have to be careful I’m not still contagious (which is doubtful…I hope), I just don’t have the energy to even think scene related thoughts. A weird forced vacation from the spanking world — can’t wait to get back to work.

The other thing is related to my recent video work for Punished Brats. I was asked how I feel about seeing myself on spanking review sites here or there and if it has a feeling of surreality to it. On one hand it is sort of surreal that I’m alongside some of these other folks from the video world as an “actor” and it is gratifying to see the photos alongside generally positive comments. It is an oddity to think that there are people out there seeing me in those shots or on video saying either, “He seems tough” or “I could do better than that”. At the very least, I’m happy I’m not seeing comments comparing me to Gaston Leroux or Victor Hugo characters (oh, look it up — I had to).

So it’s Sunday and I’m enjoying coffee and getting ready to watch the Jets lose to a team worse than they are. I can hold out the hope that a particular “storied” baseball team goes down for the dirt nap but I’m not holding my breath.


5 Responses to “Sunday Potpourri”

  1. kernalgeneral Says:

    Thanks for blogging even though you are under the weather, I feel your pain with the bronchitis, i used to get it every year, really knock the life out of you. So get well soon, and we’ll see you and your lovely wife on otk
    hugs loretta

  2. Hopefully once your body has the chance to recover, you’ll be ready to beat some ass again soon 😀

  3. Hope you feel better soon, Rad. Bronchitis can be nasty.

  4. p.s. On the upside, your confinement has clearly left you time to pervert music videos in a most delightful fashion. 😉

  5. Get well soon!

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