Lend Me Your Ears

I come to praise the SSNY party, not to bury it.

Lots of fun last night as a lot of fun people gathered together for one more terrific event thrown by the SSNY group. I don’t think I’ve missed one of their parties yet and don’t plan on doing so. Although there are other terrific spanko events in and around New York City including the famous or infamous OTK Night at Paddles and the MSA parties, the SSNY parties have in a short year become the one that people talk about. Although it’s a local event, people travel from all over to attend so that you’re just as likely to see old friends as you are to meet folks from all over the country and even overseas.

But the proof of the pudding is in the eating and the truth is that I had a darn good time. Yes, I got to play with people I enjoy playing with and was lucky enough to finally get to play with people I’d not had a chance with in a while. But mostly it was about socializing and just hanging out with friends both new and old. Of course the food table was well stocked with all manner of food both healthy and otherwise (it’s a party, I lean towards the otherwise) and plenty of my beverage of choice: Soda. I also love the atmosphere of these parties as well. It just has the relaxed feeling of a bunch of friends hanging out and it probably one of the few parties around that I would consider welcoming in a non-pressure way. What can I say? I had a good time.

Although I don’t mean to end this on a negative note, I feel I need to say one thing albeit cryptically: Mocking someone just to look “cool” to a woman standing next to you is not my idea of fun. I will tolerate it for a tiny while but if it continues, bad things tend to happen. Nuf said.

My list of links has one to SSNY in the “Be Social” section. If you’ve never been to one of their parties and are intrigued about the prospect, go there, read up on the group and apply for membership. Now is a good time with their holiday party coming up and the announcement that there will be a weekend long party in the spring in Atlantic City.


3 Responses to “Lend Me Your Ears”

  1. I concur. Last night was a blast and I am already excited for the next one!

  2. maybe one day…

  3. Well said, Rad. Last night was a very good time indeed.

    (And the food was awesome! The sandwiches were delicious, and the rest of the bounty was just that – bounty. Yum.

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