A Fun Night

After several days dealing with the mundane yet nerve wracking task being part of my company’s move from one location to another, Saturday night came along just in time to inject a healthy helping of enjoyment. And not a moment too soon.

The MSA party was last night but, alas, Sandy and I could not attend having a prior commitment. That commitment, dinner with some new kinky friends from out of town (and their friends), was at a lovely Korean restaurant in Soho. I had never been to a Korean restaurant so it was an interesting experience for me. For example, I knew nothing of this notion of barbecuing your own food on a grill in the center of your table. When the waiter asked me if I wanted to prepare what I ordered at the table, I declined for fear of becoming some sort of inadvertent center of attention like the person at TGI Friday’s who is clapped at on their birthday. Having seen the grill in action at our table, I might have actually enjoyed doing it — perhaps next time. Although next time I’ll order something a little more substantial that just meat — I need carbs dammit.

Having missed the evening’s spanking party, we decided to go to Paddle’s for our decadent entertainment. A certain someone from the party met us there and the evening ended up a spanky affair with straps flying in all directions as two very deserving bottoms became targets for a leathery onslaught. Although I like a little privacy on occasion when delivering spankings, there is something quite satisfying about a crowd gathering to enjoy watching a scene. That’s the sort of attention I don’t mind as opposed to restaurant clapping or table cooking. I can also do without ice cream parlor chanting — far too cult-like for me and perhaps even satanic. I don’t like to think of ice cream as satanic but I’m open to the possibility.


6 Responses to “A Fun Night”

  1. I like ice cream.

  2. Mmm leathery onslaught.

  3. Is that the new Ben and Jerry’s flavor?

  4. I really enjoyed hanging out with you both, and I’m sorry I didn’t explain the menu better (I didn’t realize you hadn’t had Korean before!)

    And thank you for making time to hang out with us, in a busy weekend!

    I really wouldn’t mind it if we lived a tad closer! [sigh]

    Oh, and I really, really want to try Leathery Onslaught jerky now (I think it might be fancy-pants bison, not just plain ol’ beef, although kangaroo also might be in the running….) so much so that I may go out and slaughter an animal and perfect my spicy rub mix and secret combination of wood smokes, just to have it! [wide grin]

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