Meant To Write Last Night

Vanilla life got in the way. I have allergies that assault my sinuses in the worst way and sinuses that are probably deviated or at least deviant. The pain got so bad last night that I asked Sandy to drive me to the ER because I was afraid it was an infection. Fortunately, it was not, just my body unhappy with the mold & mildew of autumn on top of the dust, dander, pollen and everything else my nose is allergic to.

It was going to be a piece of spontaneous fiction which I haven’t done in a while. Scoldings & beatings. Screams, recriminations and bodily fluids. I’m not quite sure where the bodily fluids would have shown up but there’s always room for them somewhere. Normally, I don’t like my kinky sub-genres to cross. Schoolrooms shouldn’t turn into disconcerting orgies but there is this one little part of me that enjoys the debauchery of the thought. Screaming schoolgirls abused and then used for illicit purposes. A turn-on for sure — maybe not for someone who was actually the recipient of these attentions but I have little sympathy for fictional creations and am all right with fact that their “lives” are not worth spit to me.

I think my video viewing also falls into the same category. There are rare times when I like the more BDSM-y sorts of videos that seem to culminate in all kinds of orificial invasions and otherwise corporal incursions. Yes, I like the “purity” of realistic scenes but there’s just something plain old hot about the more pornographic variations. I can’t pretend that I really understand the attraction to people being attached to piston driven dildos or to the copious use of spittle but for the most part the roughness of it all adds a certain variety to the kinds of things that I usually watch.

OK, it’s obvious that all the medication in my head is making me run at the fingers. I don’t even know that I wrote above and I’m afraid to look so I’m just going to hit “publish” and hope for the best. See you all when I feel better — hopefully after I pick up my prescription.


3 Responses to “Meant To Write Last Night”

  1. Sinus and allergy problems are the absolute worst. I had such a sinus headache last night that I went to bed early and slept a little late, too. Hope you feel better.

    As for debauchery within stories and videos – there’s a lot that I will write about, and enjoy watching, that isn’t much my cup of tea in theory. I don’t enjoy watching it in person, but along with spanking videos, some of the more hardcore BDSM ones are big favorites.

  2. Apple cider vinegar works like a charm for me when my sinuses start acting up. It’s a little homeopathic remedy I discovered after struggling with sinus headaches that were so bad they were misdiagnosed as migraines. Nothing from allergy medication to prescription pain killers helped. Just a little natural advice. 🙂

  3. You have my sympathies as far as sinus problems go. I’ve had three surgeries (one of which was for a deviated/deviant ceptum) and I continue to be plagued.

    I do recommend both Singulair and Allegra for seasonal/year-round allergies and sinus problems. Claritin, Zyrtec and most OTC drugs don’t work for me.

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