OTK Night Tonight

We’ll see how many show up to the October edition of Paddles famous OTK Night. Sandy and I will be hosting the munch so there’ll be plenty of burgers being eaten as well as that one oddball that gets a full lamb dinner. There’s always one in the crowd.

Last OTK Night was an oddity. It was not held on the first Saturday of the month and had a disproportionate male/female ratio very much weighted to the male side. However, I have every confidence that this time around things will be a touch more balanced now that the busy summer months have morphed into the differently busy autumn. Fall is a time when things at work get crazy for me and I’m sure for many of you as well and provides a boat load of vanilla stress on a daily basis. Perfect example was yesterday. Not only was I buried under work but two completely different special projects also had to be completed aside from my regular tasks. On top of that, I think the flu bug had bitten me because right around 3:30 in the afternoon, I started shivering complete with teeth chattering. The nature of my job is that if I’m not there to do it, it doesn’t get done — and it needs to get done. So I popped a couple of ibuprofens and finished my work. Stress. That’s why the occasional scene fun tends to be more important from Labor Day until the New Year. I need the chance to get out of my vanilla life for a few hours and blow off steam, otherwise I’d go nuts with the work-related B.S. that piles up.

So even though I’m on the tail end of being sick — the after effects part — I’m looking forward to some fun tonight. A couple of cold relief pills will get rid of the symptoms that are left. Good thing I’m not contagious anymore, the people at work got that part. Ha!

One other thing about OTK Night that I want to mention as it relates to the overall spanking scene. Maybe I’m totally off-base with this observation but why is it that many of the spanking folks seem so conservative? One of the reasons I liked Sandy right from the beginning was her ability to have fun in such a “wild abandon” way. My coming out into the scene was mostly at Paddles for six months before I even attended another spanking related event. To me it was and is a place where I can pretty much do what I want to do without worrying about what anyone else thinks. The same thing with people I see there — I really don’t care what they are doing. I might find some scenes interesting as I do certain people but I’m more concerned with what I’m doing.

I think that spanking events that are geared towards making things safe for spankos are a good thing. However, I tend to think that this sort of insulated and guided event is akin to a gated community or exclusive country club. Spend too much time inside one of those places and you tend to have a skewed view of the real world. Part of the charm of Paddles, for me at least, is that I’m not being spoon fed anything. I make my own fun or don’t — that’s up to me. I just like the fact that I can let loose around people who are so into their own thing that they hardly notice.


3 Responses to “OTK Night Tonight”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ive always liked that gritty-yet-charming ” hey adults, this is YOUR playground..go bat shit crazy” appeal of the club.


  2. Darn – I wish I could be there tonight – I need a night of wild abandon. I will hopefully see you guys at another function in the very near future…Oct 17th.

  3. A year ago was my first time at Paddles. I went to the munch (alone) and went on to the club flanked by friendly folk. If I lived in NYC, there is little doubt that I would be a regular ‘fixture’ at the club. Last month, I was back in NY after a break of six months. It wasn’t OTK night, but I went to Paddles anyway, along with my husband who had never been there.

    Quietly, ever so quietly, it may have been a turning point in our relationship. It opened the doors to more open and honest communication. It also showed him that we spankos are (more or less) just like everyone else. We stayed for about 2 hours, and he even showed a willingness to play with me, but unfortunately did not find the club’s alcoves private enough. But it was a good experience.

    As a woman who has gone to Paddles solo about six times, I can vouch for its friendliness to women, so any woman who might read this should feel especially welcome at one of the munches and at the club. I admit, it does take a fair amount of nerve, especially at first, but go ahead, make the effort — it’s worth it!

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