The Sunday Randomizer

I spin the brain wheel and see where it stops. I’d like to buy a vowel — a “Q”? Bzzzzz!

I’m a sucker for authenticity and for things to feel “real”. That’s why I enjoy throwing myself completely into a character when I do role play. I don’t just want to play a part, I want to feel like I am that person — it’s the only way that I can say and do the things that person would do if they were in that situation. Authentic. I also like authenticity in my spanking scenes when it comes to implements. One of the things I hated about spanking photo sets from the 70s (when they showed up on my radar screen) was that you’d have these cute or sexy spanking scenarios set up in one to three photos which would suddenly be ruined by a person spanking someone with a bicycle pump. What?!? That’s the best implement they could think of? How about the friggin hand? That’s a pretty handy inplement. So there I’d be all set for some disciplinary action only to have it ruined — one of those things was decidedly not like the others.

It’s true of other “props” as well. I have never hidden the kinky desires I hold regarding rectal thermometers and temperature taking. These activities are reserved for the few who share the kink but remain on deck at all times in case they need to pinch hit. That said, I like authenticity in that regard as well which means glass thermometer with mercury inside — a regulation medical thermometer. Nothing else will do. There are a couple of video companies that do nothing but put out videos featuring medical exams that often if not always feature a rectal temperature taking. One of these companies started out using the wrong kind of thermometer — in other words, plastic with a digital readout. No, no, no, that is totally wrong. As a matter of fact, it’s an abomination and ruins my enjoyment of watching items enter the nether world. Luckily, this company wised up and now puts out quality work if you like the same video over and over again.

When I decided to buy my rectal thermometer, I did what every red-blooded American lad would do — Googled it looking for the cheapest price. I found one but it had to be imported from overseas but, whatever, the price was right. The only thing was that I couldn’t buy just one. I think they came in lots of 8 or 10. So there I was a couple of weeks later, opening up this package from India that looked like it was mailed in 1930 (wrapped in burlap for goodness sake) and wondering what I was going to do with 10 rectal thermometers. Have one heck of party, I guess.

I have given some away to deserving people who don’t know the joys of authenticity but I still have a couple more. Backups, I guess.


18 Responses to “The Sunday Randomizer”

  1. What does this have to do with the letter Q?

    Anyway, I concur. I am all about the little details. While I don’t specifically prefer one over the other, I enjoy the look and feel of the traditional glass thermometer.

  2. It’s strange how things have changed. One would have to search high, low and in the nether regions of a hospital and hope that in a long ignored rusting drawer somewere remained a glass thermometer. Non existent because of having to treat a broken thermometer like a HAZMAT scene.

    Still, it is a classic, powerful image that has some embarrassment and submission attached for the lucky one having their temp taken. It closely lines up with that hesitancy right before panties come down. Right before the reveal. All yummy feelings. And yeah, cheapy digital thermometers are just wrong in this case.

    • At least there are the freaks like me to keep the glass thermometer companies in business

    • Just addressing the HAZMAT aspect of this post… There are alcohol-filled glass thermometers available now. If they break, no hazardous material issue as with the mercury. The negative is that they are not as accurate as the mercury thermometers. THe other thing I suppose, which I did not think of before I started this, is that the alcohol thermometers of which I am thinking have all been to replace laboratory sized thermometers. I do not know if they make rectal glass alcohol filled thermometers, but it would seem that it would be likely since it is just a matter of reducing the size, unless the decreased accuracy makes them a no-go for medical purposes.

      • But how are they for “turning me the hell on” purposes?

      • If they are only available in the large lab variety, then probably not much. 🙂 However, if they are in fact made and used medical sizes in hospitals, then I would think they would be the same as a mercury-filled thermometer, as they would then be what is currently used, just not mercury-filled.

      • point being that they would be authentic.

  3. The digital ones beep in a few seconds while the original mercury ones took one or two LONG minutes in order to reach the final temp. It was the long wait with the therm. in place that “got” me. *shivers*

    • An alcohol glass thermometer should also require the wait time. If anything, alcohol-filled glass thermometers are slower responding than mercury-filled glass thermometers. 🙂

  4. I love ‘authentic’. I once played with a guy who would just grab the nearest ANYthing at hand to spank/beat/whip me with..knowing full well I had a TRUNKload of lovely and VERY authentic wooden and leather implemtns at his disposal! I am ALL for spontaneity but come ON!

  5. Why is a bigger size bad for rectal use?

    I don’t see the negative there, but then again…

  6. Ahem – I own 3 glass/mercury candy thermometers – and I haven’t made any fudge or divinity in a veryveryveryveryvery long time…

  7. Well, the larger ones are fun–just not necessarily authentic.

  8. So true, Wednesday – so true…

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