What To Do About OTK Night (if anything)?

Sandy and I are in charge of running the munch that precedes the Paddles OTK Night. I’ve already mentioned that the last OTK Night was very top heavy (no pun intended) with men and I’m wondering if it was an aberration or not.

The last couple of munches were well attended averaging about twenty people or so each time. However, it was obvious right from the beginning at the last one that there were vastly more men that women at the event. We can publicize the event but can’t control who shows up. It’s entirely possible that the stars were aligned against the event last time around. Change of date and time of year — it could be that people were either unaware that the event was on a different night, were otherwise engaged or both. Be that as it may, it was a testosterone laden crowd.

What to do about this? Can anything be done about this? Should anything be done about this? On the one hand, I am convinced that there’s not a lot that can be done beyond running the event and perhaps reaching out to invite people we know to attend. Even then, I can’t force anyone to show up that doesn’t want to be there. Sandy and I can invite all the women we know in the scene who might be able to attend and every single one of them might be doing something that night. It’s also a game of chance because it depends on who might be jonesing to get their spank on especially in a public place like Paddles where even the semi-private areas are within view if people want to stand there and watch. Does this put people off? It hasn’t in the past. I’ve noticed some folks who attend the munch and don’t go to the club so I suppose there is a certain amount of shyness out there.

I believe that last month was probably an oddity but I’ll only be able to gauge it after the October 3rd OTK Night. Maybe we’ll do a door prize at the next munch and have the drawing at the club — give away a video or something. Maybe I’ll put myself in the raffle — win a session with a real spanking video actor. Actually, my last experience with auctioning myself off didn’t exactly go over so maybe not.


6 Responses to “What To Do About OTK Night (if anything)?”

  1. Hopefully there are more women, the feeding frenzy is a bit uncomfortable.

  2. I think one thing that might have happened is that people read that the OTK night might have been changed to the weekend AFTER the Vegas Party – that’s what I had thought. So maybe a lot of women thought that the 12th of September was going to be the night, and not the 29th of August, and they didn’t come out for the party. Just my take on it – might be totally off the wall.
    See you on the 3rd of October.

  3. That weekend, at least here in Chicago was the last summer weekend before most schools started. It may have kept away women who had family stuff, back to school shopping, … things of that nature.

    Then again, what do I know?

  4. The anonymous above was me.

  5. Hello,

    I am new to the scene, just finding my way into it gradually. What is the typical ratio of MaleTop:MaleBottom:FemaleTop:FemaleBottom? By nature, I would peg myself as a switch, but would figure I would initially be a bottom (male) until I learned how to effectively be a top. From that point I would figure I would go with the flow of the current event (what fit best).


    • I think it’s fair to say that on a typical OTK Night, you’ll find a good ratio of males to females but with the majority of women oriented as bottoms. However, you will find more than a few female Tops/Dommes there as well.

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