Banquet Day

Vendors Fair last night during which a certain London Tanner item was purchased: The Grandma Slipper Paddle. Honestly, I could do without the name which sounds a bit twee to me although I’m gratified that it looks to pack quite a good and leathery punch. Not as intense as wood but certainly enough to make any naughty girl or lady say, “I’ll be good”.

Some thoughts so far after the jump.

I’ve consciously made it a point not to overdo it this time around but there’s also something else afoot. For some reason, I feel out of sync with the party. I’m not exactly sure why but I feel slowed down and even when the mood strikes me to play, it’s as if I’ve arrived at the bus stop just to watch the bus pull away from the curb. It’s a strange feeling because it’s not as if I’m having a bad time, just that I feel more a part of the background than I normally do at these things. I don’t think it’s anything I’m doing wrong or anything that someone else is doing wrong, just a nagging notion that things are a bit askew from my perspective.

The Vendor Fair was nice last night. Sandy dressed up in a schoolgirl jumper and I went as a priest — black suit, shirt and white collar, the latter two items purchased from a religious clothier. I’m amazed that I can buy the same items that a member of the clergy can buy and ostensibly pass myself off as one of them. Oh, the possibilities. Sadly, no one seemed to want to take me up on my offer to hear confessions — their loss.

Not as many vendors this year but the event seemed better attended than fairs of the past with lots of folks dressed in their approximation of school-like outfits. I spent the money on the paddle so had little left for videos. I was going to buy something from Clare Fonda but did not. Oh well, I can always order online. There were also competing New York based social groups on opposite ends of the room: SSNY and SCONY plus a new Philadelphia group which you will probably be hearing about soon enough.

After the fair, it was off to a couple of suite gatherings — one a rather small and laid back affair, the other a larger suite party with many in attendance. Again, I felt a little out of whack with what was happening around me but it was fine by me to just hang back and watch the festivities. There were a couple of people I wanted to ask for play but that bus leaving the curb feeling was always hanging around me. Not a big deal but annoying.

So, tonight’s the banquet. Luckily I can get a second use out of the black suit except this time with shirt and tie and decidedly less godly. The food should be really good so I’m looking forward to that and the chance to sit around a table with some close friends and enjoy ourselves before going off for more after parties.


10 Responses to “Banquet Day”

  1. sounds like fun. wish I was there

  2. Forgive me father, for I have sinned. It’s been, 20 years since my last confession.


  3. Ooooo. I wish I were there! There’s always March 2010 (sigh).

    Did you say you were “out of whack” at the suite parties? Good one.

  4. Rad, as I told you at the party, you made an absolutely fantastic priest! You definitely have “the look” (whatever that may be).

    Was great seeing you guys.

  5. youngbridget Says:

    Master, bless! I have a funny story about my first meeting with an Orthodox Bishop … I shook his hand. Apparently you don’t do that. Some other time perhaps.

    I agree, you made a great priest! I told my own partner that his “young cool liberal” priest appearance paled next to yours!

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