Game On

Vendors Fair tonight which marks the opening ceremonies of the Fall 2009 Shadow Lane party.

A couple of nice little gatherings last night during the pre-party festivities. Dinner for 20+ at TGI Fridays. Then off to a suite party. There were two going on but we got so caught up in the mayhem of one that we neglected to attend the other. Although there was a period of chaos with spankings and canings being doled out including some bare bottom spanking for my wife, it was mostly a laid back affair just hanging out with friends and new folks alike. Whether it was downing chocolates that we convinced one of our number were pats of butter to listening in on a debate over evolution versus creationism, it was a typical Shadow Lane party gathering. Jet lag still had me in its grips for a little while so we fell into bed with a bit of New York time still in us.

So far today has been relatively easy going. Spent the morning and early afternoon engaged in many conversations with fellow party goers and even tried my hand at those fancy video game looking slot machines that are all the rage. I can see why they are addictive with all the mini-games that one can play along with the main spinning of symbols. I broke even so that’s a relief after being down a bit. I continue with my commitment of not overdoing play but that may change after the vendors fair. I still plan on making a couple of purchases but am not sure whether they will be all implements or whether there will be a video thrown in there for good measure.

Anyway, I’m just hanging out right now watching a hail storm pass through Vegas although it seems to be clearing up. Will have eventually get ready for the tonight’s vendors fair — I have a special outfit all planned for it that should fit the theme rather well (heh-heh-heh).


2 Responses to “Game On”

  1. glad you guys are relaxing and having fun!

  2. Glad that you’re having fun, Rad! Keep us updated. . . . . . .

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